Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed In Bridgerton Season 3, Part 1

Yearning for the release of Bridgerton Season 3, Part 2? Soothe your longing with these easter eggs hidden throughout Part 1!

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Yearning for the release of Bridgerton Season 3, Part 2? Soothe your longing with these easter eggs hidden throughout Part 1!

Dearest reader, as you hotly anticipate the release of Bridgerton Season 3, Part 2, you may find yourself pondering the many complex threads of Part 1. The ton has no shortage of secret machinations, and this author has spotted a few clues and hidden meanings throughout the first half of Season 3 for your perusal. Read on for 5 easter eggs that even the most eagle-eyed viewers among you might have missed. 

Let Them Eat Cake

Before near tragedy strikes, the hot air balloon sendoff in Season 3 leads Colin and Penelope to share a sweet moment in a tent of decadent cakes. Tension rises between the pair as Penelope seductively licks cake off her fingers, much to the intrigue of wide-eyed Colin. But what viewers may not realize is that the moment appears to be a subtle callback to Season 1.

Colin and Penelope smiling side by side in the deserts tent.

One fan drew a parallel to a scene where The Duke of Hastings, better known as Simon, not-so-subtly enjoys an ice cream in front of his own love interest, Daphne. Beyond these shared moments of desire, the viewer also noted the similarity to another scene in Season 1. When Penelope asks Marina how her pregnancy came to be, Marina simply replies, “Cake.” These parallels hint at the lustful love story to come for Penelope and Colin — and at their hunger for one another.

The Caged Bird’s Sleeves

Showrunner Jess Brownell explained Cressida’s balloonish sleeves are representative of her caged status in her family and society. In previous seasons, we’ve known Cressida as willing to backstab in order to finally secure a husband. Season 3, Part 1 has already begun to illuminate viewers as to the reason for Cressida’s coldness — her father’s brutal manner. Cressida seems desperate to be married because she is; a husband is her means of escaping the pressure of her family and the ton.

Cressida Cowper and her mother in their unwelcoming family home, with Cressida donning oversized pink, floral sleeves.

These over-the-top sleeves are a departure from her previous ice-queen status. Brownell explained she wanted Cressida’s costuming to contrast with the imposing coolness of her family home. Her frothy, wing-like sleeves symbolize her deep desire to finally break free from her lifelong cage. Monsters are made, not born, and the cold-hearted Cressida is no different; society has caged her, and she’ll do anything to escape at last.


In the aftermath of finding out her best friend, Penelope, bad-mouthed her under the guise of Lady Whistledown, Eloise finds solace and companionship someplace new: Cressida Cowper. Despite disagreements and differences, Cressida and Eloise are united in their places on the margins of high society. And though Eloise’s conflicting relationships with Penelope and Cressida make for an eventful season on her part, some viewers can’t help but wonder if there may be more to this new friendship than meets the eye.

Eloise smiling at Cressida at a ball, both in gowns.

Cressida’s father forbids her from befriending Eloise, and the reasoning for this decision remains unclear. Perhaps her father is forbidding Cressida because of a past relationship with another girl. Let’s be queer, nothing about Cressida and Eloise’s relationship is clear. At least, not yet… Despite being a book-to-TV adaptation, Netflix’s Bridgerton doesn’t always stay true to the source material. Only time will tell if Cressida and Eloise’s bond will go beyond friendship.

A Room of Their Own

Anthony and Kate cemented themselves in the hearts of viewers worldwide last season. With a love story full of stolen glances and secret angst, the start of Season 3 finds them enjoying their happily ever after. Now, Viscount and Viscountess Bridgerton, Anthony and Kate, are enjoying all the domestic joys of married life in the Bridgerton home.

Kate and Anthony happily embracing in their chambers in the Bridgerton House

Their homey new chambers reflect this, with the blues and cream tones of the Bridgertons and the warmer peaches, pinks, and purples of the Sharmas. The set designer added paisley patterns and tufted trim to their bedding to subtly reflect Kate’s Indian roots. Especially observant viewers may have already noticed the pink bed for Kate’s beloved corgi, Newton. You might also be able to spot custom-painted horses on the walls of their chambers to reflect their many angsty horse rides in Season 2. These nods to the happily married couple pay homage to the fine-drawn joining of the two households – and their love. 

What’s In the Cards?

A tweet from one concerned fan noted that one scene alluded to the timing of Benedict Bridgerton’s future season. They pointed to a quote from Season 3 lead Colin after departing a family game of mall-pall. He said of siblings Hyacinth, Gregory, and Benedict, “Trust me, not one of them will be leaving that table in the immediate future.”

Benedict Bridgerton looking out a window

This sharp-sighted viewer speculated that this line might suggest that Benedict’s time to lead may be coming later than expected. For just as Hyacinth and Gregory certainly don’t have marriage in their cards anytime soon, Benedict may remain with them on the sidelines. Both Seasons 1 and 2 followed the order of Julia Quinn’s books, but Season 3 departed from this, jumping ahead of Benedict’s story to Colin’s. Though Season 3, Part 1 dips into Benedict’s romance with the sensible and seductive Lady Tilley Arnold, his own Bridgerton season may not be in the cards just yet.

Bonus Easter Egg

Our favorite gossip columnist, Lady Whistledown, aka Penelope Featherington’s name – Pen Feather – is a clear hint at her secret identity! But while you may have recognized that from Season 1, author Julia Quinn never intended to include such an explicit clue. In fact, she says she didn’t realize the uncanny coincidence until after she began writing!

Colin Bridgerton's back turned to camera as he caresses Penelope Featherington's chin

Things are quickly heating up in the world of the Bridgertons, and with many questions left unanswered, Part 2 promises to be the balm to our every query. Did you notice any other easter eggs?

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