Bridgerton Actress Gets Heartwarming Response From Coming Out

Happy Pride Month! Read on to learn about Jessica Madsen coming out and the unwavering support she received on social media.

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A few days ago, Bridgerton actress Jessica Madsen publicly came out as queer on social media, proving to be a win for Bridgerton fans everywhere! Madsen shared her love for her female partner and was immediately met with support and positive comments from both her co-stars and her fans.

A Magnificent Coming Out

In Love with a woman, loud about it and proud about it!

Jessica Madsen, June 1, Instagram

Jessica Madsen plays the character of Cressida Cowper, who has kind of served as a semi-antagonist for seasons 1-3. She is usually a mean and selfish character but has recently started showing small hints of kindness towards Eloise Bridgerton — a character that many fans actually ship her with. People have even gone as far as commenting about it in Madsen’s coming-out post.

Two elegantly dressed women sit in what looks like a box at an opera. The one on the left is blonde, wearing a pink dress with large round pink ruffles on her shoulders. The one on the right is a brunette with bangs, and wears a much simpler blue gown with small sparkly shoulder puffs.

Whether those comments are entirely appropriate or not, no one can deny that Madsen was met with a lot of love from everyone in her post’s comment section, including co-stars like Nicola Coughlan, Hannah Dodd, Joanna Bobin, and Jonathan Bailey — who is also part of the LGBTQ+ community. Even Julia Quinn, author of the original books, commented a bunch of rainbow hearts!

This is the kind of content we love to see this pride month (and every month). There is no hate, prejudice, or anger, just pure love and support. We’re so proud of Jessica Madsen for taking this leap and so happy it paid off!

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