In Case You Forgot: Rupert Grint Is A Dad

Rupert Grint reminded everyone that he is a dad during HBO Max’s ‘Harry Potter’ reunion, and he recently gave an interview gushing about his new life role.

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The Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts special taught us many new things about the Harry Potter cast and reminded us about some things we forgot that we already knew. For example, in one of his first lines in the reunion, Rupert Grint reminds us all that he is, in fact, a dad! And he recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight to discuss just how much he loves his new role.

Rupert Grint Shares First Photo of Daughter Wednesday |

Grint and longtime partner Georgia Groome became parents when baby Wednesday G. Grint entered their lives last year. It can sometimes be hard to picture a childhood actor as an adult, but the Harry Potter reunion reminded us that the kids we grew up with are adults just like us! Grint even tells ET that he had an “identity crisis” after becoming a father and wondered if he should “change the way [he] dress[es]” because his life has changed. He even expresses his anxieties about being a father by saying, “[s]leeping, in general…is something [he’s] really struggled with.” This is an aspect of life that so many new parents can relate to.

But despite some hiccups, Grint emphasizes how much he loves being a father. “[I]t’s definitely changed my perspective, ” he states, “I just find it just incredible.” That statement alone is enough to make us gush. We just have to wonder what will happen if Grint ever shows Wednesday the Ron Weasley we all grew up with.

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