‘Get Schooled’: Educational Justice Against Bullying

‘Get Schooled’ is a graphic Webtoon that discusses the educational system for all students: bully or victim, the agency seeks justice and disciplinary action.

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The school semester has started for all grades. Teachers are scrambling to prepare their lesson plans and educate young minds. concerned you may not have time for a Webtoon read if all you can do is think about school? What if there was a Webtoon that was focused on school, teaching, and the class, but with an unexpected twist? Creators Yongtaek Chae and Garam Han have brought action, violence, and education in their work Get Schooled.

Note that there are themes of gore, violence, mild explicit language, and depictions of self-harm. If this makes you uncomfortable I recommend not reading this Webtoon.

Get Schooled: Educational Plot


A list of schools that will be investigated and cleaned up for all kinds of harm from teachers bullies and proper educational values. An Anti-corporal punishment act was passed to prevent the need for corporal punishment methods for their students. However, this triggered many difficulties in managing students. The death of a teacher triggered a new change two years later. Thus, the Teacher’s Protection Act was made to keep students in line as well as any teachers.

Meet The Teachers Rights Protection Agency

Hwajin Na


Something happened in his past and he is using this new job as a way to seek justice. He reprimands teachers and students using violence, strength, and humble new teaching methods. He enjoys putting people in line and teaching them valuable lessons the easy or hard way. He is good with strategies and laughs in the face of danger. His experience in the military makes him a great asset to the organization.

Hanrim Im


She is a warden for teachers now. She used to be a sergeant to Hwajin Na in the military. But now she is using her sweet smile and physical power to keep all kinds of students in line. She is feisty and hardcore when it comes to punishment and her few assignments have proved she is a major asset and secret weapon for the TRPA.

Ganseok Choi


The father of Hwajin Na and the person who created the TRPA. He wants justice for the school system and all of the teachers and students. He believes that some extremes are necessary to put people in line and discipline those who are extreme. He has always been truthful and doesn’t shy away from topics. He doesn’t sugarcoat the press and tells them like it is. He wants a fair school system but sacrifices and examples have to be made.

Meet The Bullies Who Need a Lesson

These are just a few of the bullies you will see and there are many more who will need to learn the true value of education and reflect on their past actions.



The son of a congressman. He takes advantage of his father’s status to act up in class and bully Byeongsu Park and a student named Daeseok. Although his father beat him at home, he took retaliation by ignoring the teacher’s authority along with his stooges.



Extremely strong and fearless, he is the number one fighter in the electrical engineering department at this elite school of Gu-University High Tech. He is merciless and is known by various school gangs.



Soyeon High School for girls is ruled by a purple-haired bully who resorts to physical acts of harassment. She is best known for forcing everyone in the class to ignore the homeroom teacher and for shaving heads. Due to an incident in middle school, she hates teachers. She uses sharp objects and insane methods to get her way. Yeri has a twisted hold on all the female students.

Mr. Cheon


A teacher obsessed with increasing the school rank at CM High School. He treated students in the lower social class like garbage. He treated students who had wealthy families with praise and used it to his advantage. He would cheat the school system and take money from bribery from students to get them into good schools.

Jiwohng Min


Only thirteen years old, this bully goes to Hyeonjin Middle School. They take advantage of the juvenile law, not being able to punish kids and put them in jail. He breaks and enters, and resorts to knives and other physical methods to get his way.



She is the basketball team leader and is considered the best in their school. She has a twin sister who is also her second in command. When Eunha joins their school she becomes threatened and will isolated her from the team and make her the background of the game. She won’t hesitate to give physical punishments to those who cross her or question her authority.



Sweet looking at first but this second in command of the basketball team has a short fuse. She resorts to physical punishments for her sister. She gives deadly threats to anyone who crosses her or she sees as beneath her.

Meet the Victims Who Seek Educational Justice

Byeongsu Park


He is now the new main victim of Junhyeong’s bullying. Now that Daeseok took his own life, he is debating that same fate. He lost the fate of the teachers and the school system. Will this new teacher’s right protection act really help improve his school?



This student was loved by all until he crossed a line with the congressman’s son. Just for defending a student and himself, he became the black sheep of his school. Everyone ignored him and harassed him. He soon became quiet and alone. This resorted him to taking his own life on the school roof. This is the first school that Hwajin Na investigates.



He is part of the auto department in the elite high-tech school. In this school the electrical engineers and the auto department are enemies. In order to become number one grades have nothing to do with it. He is feeble and is always below everyone. He is the lackey of his department yet he studies hard, will there be a way to be the top student without choosing violence?

Hyun Woong Choi


His grandfather is a garbage collector and that has made him the class reject. He is a hard worker and a top student in the class. Yet, he still gets harassed by Mr. Cheon the teacher. He is told to always clean and knocked down a peg. His social status makes him a victim and although he can hold his own, no student shouldn’t be discriminated against.

Sunyoung Jung


A victim of Yeri’s harassment. From the very start, Yeri causes all the students to ignore her like a ghost. She has been secluded from her coworkers and it caused her mental state to be very sad and quiet. She goes with the flow despite still caring about her students. Can she be able to start fresh and be the vibrant teacher she’s always wanted to be?

Sehun Park


Harrassed by all students especially Jiwohng’s cronies he has this desire to kill them. He doesn’t want to go to jail but how else will the bullying stop? His mental health cannot take it and it seems it’s the only valid option.

Eunha Park


Eunha always wanted to be a basketball player. She admired the sisters, especially Sooyeon from afar. When there was an application to join the basketball team at the same school, she took it. She trains hard, day and night to be the best athlete. But when her teammates neglect her and don’t pass her the ball, that doesn’t stop her training. She keeps to herself but gets bullied severely through the manipulation by the people she admired for so long. Now she doesn’t say a word and suffers horrible locker incidents and threats from the second in command bipolar sister Jayeon.

There are more stories in this series with new students, bullies, victims, and teachers.

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