Pack Your Bags, These Airbnbs Are A Book Lover’s Dream

You’ll be ready to pack your bags by the end of this article once you see these amazing bookish Airbnbs!

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Bookish Airbnbs

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of traveler who needs to bring multiple books with me when going on a trip. If I finish my current book, I need to have options for when I choose the next one, so I don’t have to leave my Airbnb to hunt down a bookstore! If I could, I’d bring my entire bookshelf with me, but I’m pretty sure airport security would hate me.

Well, my fellow bibliophiles, I’ve found the solution to our problems. These Airbnbs are made for book lovers, complete with impressive libraries, cozy reading nooks, and bookish themes that’ll make you feel like you’re living out the adventures of your favorite books.

Take a look, and get ready to pack your bags!

Camp Arden Library, New York

Camp Arden Library, Bookish Airbnb

This cozy cabin in New York is furnished with beautiful antiques, collectibles, and of course, plenty of books to keep you company. A little more than 30 minutes away from Lake Placid, Camp Arden Library offers a quaint retreat where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy all that nature has to offer– with a good book in hand, of course. When you’re not busy getting lost in a good story, the cabin provides canoes for you to explore the nearby pond and a firepit to keep you warm during nights under the stars.

What previous guests have to say: “Wonderful place to stay and get away from it all. Loved the smell of books in the cabin. Clean, peaceful, and highly recommended as a relaxing getaway destination.” -July 2022

Learn more about the Camp Arden Library on Airbnb here.

Laurel Canyon Hillside Home, California

Laurel Canyon Hillside Retreat, Bookish Airbnb

This beautiful rustic home overlooks Laurel Canyon, complete with a back patio that offers access to the sprawling canyon and it’s wildlife. But that’s not even the best part. This Airbnb has a huge book wall with a rolling ladder so you can live out that scene from Beauty and the Beast (you know exactly which scene I’m talking about, folks).

What previous guests have to say: “This place is about as authentic as you can get, and it really brings you back into the golden years of the 1960s and 70s. We didn’t want to leave.” —July 2013

Learn more about the Laurel Canyon Hillside Home on Airbnb here.

Earthen Home, Virginia

Earthen Home, Bookish Airbnb

I mean, where should I start with this one? IT’S LITERALLY A HOBBIT HOLE! This Airbnb is straight out of Middle-Earth, complete with “all the comforts of home” a Hobbit of the Shire could need. While staying, check out the host’s workshop experiences, where you can choose between carving a wooden staff (perfect for adventures) or even forging a fire poker from scratch!

What previous guests have to say: “We are very big Tolkien fans and this place provided the perfect little getaway escape into Hobbiton. Don’t skip out on taking the Mirkwood trail! The scenery is so beautiful and there are surprises all along the way.” —September 2022

Learn more about the Earthen Home on Airbnb here.

Artist’s Library, Texas

Artist's Library, Bookish Airbnb

Creatives will love this relaxing getaway that offers plenty of books to keep you occupied when you’re not out exploring the many nearby art galleries or chilling in the home’s private pool. The house is an artist’s studio— the hostess can even give you a tour of her artwork. Through Airbnb Experiences, you can arrange painting lessons too!

What previous guests have to say: “The BEST study I’ve ever seen. She has tons and tons of literature to be able to enjoy, incredibly cozy bed, couches, plenty of blankets, and comfy towels. Her art is on the walls and it gives such a lovely personal touch.” —May 2022

Learn more about the Artist’s Library on Airbnb here.

Lidar West Cabin, New York

Lidar West Cabin, Bookish Airbnb

This unique cabin has been featured in The Huffington Post, Mashable, and Dwell Magazine, and for good reason! Tucked away in the woods, this quiet cabin retreat has a bedroom with tons of bookshelves built into the wall and an entire outdoor property to explore. Whether you’re visiting in the summer or winter, you’re bound to find a cozy reading nook somewhere at this Airbnb.

What previous guests have to say: “A major highlight was the reading room, where I was able to tuck away from my family for a little quiet time. The house is located within 45 minutes or so of beautiful hikes, breweries, and farms to visit for some fun outside of the property.” —August 2022

Learn more about the Lidar West Cabin on Airbnb here.

Palo Alto Retreat, California

Palo Alto Retreat, Bookish Airbnb

The Palo Alto Retreat boasts a beautifully furnished home with antique furniture and shelves filled with books, records, and movies. You can snuggle up on the couch or the window seat with a good book or go out and explore everything the Palo Alto area has to offer. Complete with a coffee maker and snacks, this Airbnb has everything a bookworm needs to survive.

What previous guests have to say: “[This] home is gorgeous— beautifully decorated with antique furniture, cozy blankets, and filled with books, movies, and records. She also has a generously stocked kitchen nook with coffee, drinks, and snacks. It was the perfect place for me to get writing done.” —September 2022

Learn more about the Palo Alto Retreat on Airbnb here.

Wizarding Home, Florida

Wizarding Home, Bookish Airbnb

You’ll feel like you’re staying at Hogwarts Castle at this amazingly decorated Harry Potter-themed Airbnb in Orlando, FL. Each bedroom is decorated for a different House so you can feel like a true wizard. With the home just a short drive from Orlando’s theme parks, you can bet your next vacation here will be nothing short of magical!

What previous guests have to say: “Every room is immaculately decorated to make you feel immersed in the Wizarding world. No detail is left out, including the screaming Mandrake in the Hufflepuff room!” —July 2022

Learn more about the Wizarding Home on Airbnb here.

Library Loft Apartment, Iowa

Library Loft Apartment, Bookish Airbnb

Remember when I said I don’t want to have to leave my Airbnb to go to a bookstore for a new read? Well, this place is the exception because this apartment sits on top of a bookshop. This spacious loft apartment sits on top of The Book Vine, a local independent bookshop that also sells wines from around the world! If you’ve read my previous articles on my love of wines and books, you’ll understand why this Airbnb has me SWOONING.

What previous guests have to say: “We were able to visit The Book Vine below the apartment and it had a great atmosphere and had many other items besides books. The loft has two large bookcases filled with books. I spent a good amount of time perusing the titles. There was a wonderful variety!” —June 2021

Learn more about the Library Loft Apartment on Airbnb here.

So, where are you traveling to first?