From Seed to Sapphire: How Rowan Prose Publishes and Empowers Authors

There’s a new innovative publishing house on the block! Read on to see who Rowan Prose Publishing is and what they’re all about!

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Born from a desire to empower readers and authors, Rowan Prose Publishing is a unique company founded in 2023 by Kelly Moran, Shelly Small, and Katie O’Connor, and launched in January 2024. Their mission is to champion underrepresented voices and stories while simultaneously providing exceptional guidance to self-published authors.

I sat down with Kelly Moran, the brainchild behind Rowan Prose, to discuss how they started, where they’re going, and all the sweet things in between. Let’s take a look at this extraordinary new woman-owned publishing house whose goal is to ensure they’re For Authors, By Authors.

From Conception to Fruition

Fueled by the belief that readers are the ultimate tastemakers, Rowan Prose was established to give authors a platform beyond the limitations often imposed by traditional publishers. This innovative publishing house thrives on the idea that there are countless gems hidden amongst the manuscripts that get rejected by larger publishing houses. Rowan Prose prides itself on recognizing the inherent value in these works and nurturing them into fruition.

Rowan Prose Publishing Logo with a rowan tree and open book on a lavander background with purple frames

Often, traditional publishers seek to accept the manuscripts that best fit the trends of the day despite cries for the unique. Rejections come with little to no explanation other than, “This isn’t the right fit for us at this time,” leaving the writer struggling to understand why their manuscript is not being accepted. At Rowan, they saw the gaps left by the trade publishers, the frustration in rejections with little to no explanation, and wanted to give voice to those authors. To help them achieve their publishing dreams.

“We wanted to be a voice for those people that nobody wanted to work with.”

-Kelly Moran

Kelly’s own experience with this exact scenario fueled her passion for the indie scene when it was still a much-stigmatized area of publishing. She successfully published both as an indie author and with several presses, simultaneously becoming a household name in her genre while learning the intricacies of the industry, which led her to give advice to others situated much the same. With such a treasure chest filled with publishing gems of knowledge, Kelly decided it was time to move forward with a Publishing House meant to give authors the help they need that they don’t receive through the larger corporate presses.

The Method and Myths Behind the Name

The name Rowan Prose is rich in symbolism, drawing inspiration from the mythical Rowan tree. In Celtic cultures, the Rowan tree is considered to possess potent magical properties, symbolizing protection, wisdom, and growth. Likewise, Rowan Prose embodies the spirit of nurturing hidden talents and bringing them to light. Further echoing this theme, each of Rowan Prose’s imprints is named after a different gemstone, each with its own unique properties and symbolic associations.

What to Expect as a Reader and Author

Rowan Prose embraces a multifaceted approach to publishing, catering to a diverse range of authors and their creations. A cornerstone of their work is breathing new life into beloved works by established authors. They achieve this by publishing second and third editions of books whose contracts with other publishing houses have ended. This ensures that readers continue to have access to these cherished stories.

In addition to championing established authors, Rowan Prose is a haven for new and aspiring writers. They recognize the raw talent and potential that lies within unpublished manuscripts and offer authors the editorial guidance and design services necessary to transform their works into polished, professional publications.

Submitting Your Manuscript

Aspiring authors can find more information on Rowan Prose Publishing’s website or social media platforms. They have a set list of genres they accept submissions for, all of which are within the editors’ wheelhouse. Be sure to note what genres the editors accept when submitting your manuscript. With its commitment to fostering creativity and providing a platform for underrepresented voices, Rowan Prose Publishing is poised to make a significant impact on the literary world.

Genre submissions welcomes by Rowan Prose Publishing

A Haven of Support for the Indie Author

Understanding the complexities and challenges faced by self-published authors, Rowan Prose offers a separate arm dedicated to supporting this community. They provide invaluable guidance and resources to self-published authors who wish to retain creative control over their works, empowering them to navigate the publishing landscape with greater confidence and knowledge.

Looking Forward

Rowan Prose’s sole goal is to help authors obtain a publishing experience they can be proud of and happy with. To feel seen by those whose job it is to give advice and assistance. Whether they become a major player — which I can see happening — or stay a small press, Kelly and her Team’s vision is focused on uplifting the authors they have and those who choose to submit through them.

“I don’t care how big we get or how small we stay; I just want to make sure we’re helping the people that come to us.”

-Kelly Moran

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