5 Independent Publishers Celebrating Innovative Storytelling

From comics to non-fiction, check out these independent publishers that showcase remarkable new stories.

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For many independent publishers, intentionality and care for the stories they put out is of utmost importance. Walking alongside authors, being hands-on with the book process, or cultivating space for creativity and community are just a few ways that indie publishers leave a mark on readers and creatives alike. Here are a few independent publishers putting innovative stories on the map.

1. Etan Comics

With six years of incredible dedication to storytelling in comics and graphic novels, Etan Comics continues to celebrate African stories and superheroes by African creators! Stories like the first Ethiopian superhero, Jember, have a bilingual version for kids written in both English and Amharic.


Philippine American Writers and Artists, Inc., or PAWA, is a nonprofit arts organization and an independent publisher of Filipino American literature based in Northern California. From collaborations, scholarships, and the Filipino American International Book Festival, PAWA supports Filipino creatives and their stories.

3. Tulika

Starting in 1996, Tulika’s goal has been to ensure that children of all backgrounds in India are represented in their books. Alongside working on picture books in English, they have also published picture books in various Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, and Bengali.


4. Alma Books

Alma Books is an award-winning independent publisher that also houses incredible award-winning books. They are committed to the craft of publishing, showing intentionality throughout the entire book-making process, from edits to translation. With over two decades of publications, it’s clear that Alma Books’ success drives a continuous push for quality work.


5. Icon Books

Looking for new non-fiction? Icon Books publishes fresh non-fiction titles from science, history, politics, and philosophy — to name a few. New faces presenting history to a wide audience on social media, such as Alice Loxton, have found a home with Icon Books with the new paperback release of her book Uproar!

New ideas continue to emerge in storytelling with incredible writers as independent publishers continue to make their mark with creative storytelling.

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