Five Characters We’d Love to See Javier Botet Play Next

Latest Dracula actor’s imposing build perfectly encapsulates the auras of these five literary characters.

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In one week, audiences will sink their teeth into Last Voyage of the Demeter, a unique vampire flick pulling inspiration from a single chapter of Bram Stoker’s novel. Helming the cast as the leading bloodsucker is Javier Botet, an actor best known for his creature roles.

Botet has Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disorder resulting in several issues with the development of connective tissue. For Botet, this has resulted in a staggering height and elongated limbs— a physique, in other words, practically made for horror movies. Before Dracula, he acted as creatures in films from the Conjuring to Stephen King’s It to Insidious, even appearing as Slender Man in the (panned) 2018 film of the same name. As Botet gains more mainstream acclaim with Demeter’s release, we at Bookstr have assembled a list of five literary characters we’d love to see him play next.

Grendel – Beowulf


In this Old English epic poem, antagonistic giant Grendel is described as possessing “long arms and legs,” coarse body hair, and a beastly demeanor. He’s strong enough to take on a dozen men, defeated only by the efforts of the titular hero. Considering that much of Grendel’s menace stems from his physicality, Botet would be a perfect fit for the role.

The Beldam – Coraline by Neil Gaiman



A creature like Neil Gaiman’s Beldam, or “Other Mother,” if rendered with live action practical effects, would scar a whole new generation of moviegoers for life. Botet’s long limbs could perfectly emulate the full-transformed Beldam’s wiry frame and spider-like movements, though some CGI might be needed to superimpose an actress’s face upon his own. 

The Golem – The Golem by Gustav Meyrink



While this iconic monster of Jewish lore has historically been portrayed as a hulking, muscular figure, Botet could bring an emaciated aspect to the creature previously unseen in adaptations. At 6 foot 7, Botet would still emulate the Golem’s imposing energy while also introducing a version of the monster unseen before in film.

Scarecrow – “Batman” Comics Universe



The only human character on this list, Dr. Jonathan Crane (AKA “Scarecrow) has been a Batman antagonist since 1941. He’s had a few on-screen portrayals, most notably Cillian Murphy’s version in the Christopher Nolan trilogy, and Botet has the potential to reinvent the character once more. Scarecrow is known for his gangly physique, which he uses in tandem with his fear toxin to spook the life out of his victims. Bury Botet beneath the necessary burlap prosthetics, outfit him with a gas mask and/or toxic syringe glove, and you’ve got a Batman villain for the ages.

The Wendigo — Algernon Blackwood and Assorted Indigenous Folklore



The last installment on this list is perhaps the most monstrous of all. Associated for centuries with themes of the wilderness, madness, and cannibalism, the Wendigo is a spirit of Indigenous folklore whose pop culture reputation precedes it. Since its role as the titular antagonist in an Algernon Blackwood short story, the Wendigo has gone on to feature in fiction from Stephen King’s Pet Sematary to the Del Toro-produced 2021 film Antlers. Often imagined as an emaciated humanoid creature with the skull of a deer for a head, this is yet another monster Botet’s unique skill set could bring to terrifying life.

Did we miss any horrific characters? Which monsters would you like to see Javier Botet take on next?

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