Films That Didn’t Choose Love: An Anti-Love Series

With Valentine’s Day coming closer we thought it right to list down some of the best anti-love recommendations!

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Welcome back to the series we are pioneering this Valentine’s Day season. A series where we provide a whole new perspective on “love” and how it transcends the boundaries of romantics. The world revolves around love and so do films. Most popular movies and series have love either at the forefront or as an important theme. Yet there are some grand stories that are proof of movies and series not needing to let love thrive to be great. Here are 3 of our recommendations-


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When I say Phoebe Waller Bridge, then beware that my rant on Fleabag is going to begin. This series deserves all the hype it gets because there is so much thought and truth in every scene. Fleabag breaking the fourth wall and connecting with the audience throughout the series was perfect but when the Priest did so too, I gasped.

Fleabag and Priest have a love that everyone roots for but Priest gives that up. They walk away from each other. The story ends there and the choice to not let love wins gives them a ground to grow on. They are in tune with their vulnerability. Sometimes to love you don’t have to love the person directly. It is also available as a book.


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This is a romance movie that is about what love can do. Yes, love is pure and sweet and nice but love is also nasty. It is cruel and can make people do questionable things. The movie is about 4 people that do some messed-up things all in the hope of love. They all wish that loneliness is not a part of their life and so do bad things in the name of love.

Scenes From a Marriage

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The series is a look into marriage. A complex film about how love and marriage affect two people as a couple and as an individual. Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain have given impressive performances. As the series relies on discussions and conversations heavily, they filled it with many interesting thoughts.

Love is a part of life but not as important as society makes it out to be. If love is forced nothing good can come of it. Keep a lookout for this series for more recommendations and opinions of anti-love and love.

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