Ten Valentine’s Day Love Letter Prompts to Write

Sometimes going back to what’s written from the heart is the true gift for Valentine’s Day. Here are ten Valentine’s Day Love Letter Prompts you can write about.

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many of us still don’t know what to get our significant other(s) or partner. How about we go to classic old writing? Love letters are still a thing and can be impactful. Materialistic gifts such as flowers and chocolates don’t go out of style, but surprising your loved ones with a love letter will make them swoon. Here are ten letter prompts you can choose from to help you get started.


1. How Do They Make You Laugh?

2. What does Your Partner Teach You?

3. How Have You Overcome Obstacles?

4. A Dream You Want to Fulfill with Them

5. Reminisce About Personal Jokes You Created

6. Highlight Your Partner’s Greatest Strength


7. Describe Your Close Friendship Bond

8. Describe Your Favorite/ Memorable Date

9. What Makes You Feel Safe in the Relationship?

10. Use Pet Names and Write the Memory Behind them

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