Exposed: Bookstr’s Greatest Hot Takes of Unpopular Bookish Opinions

Everyone has their own unique bookish opinions. Especially those of us who write about books everyday. Here are our wackiest unpopular hot takes.

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Here at Bookstr, we have many readers who enjoy various genres. This also means that we are a team with very diverse bookish opinions that the majority may not always agree with. We have different views on genres, popular books, and even about how we care for our books. Here are some of our most unpopular bookish hot takes for your viewing unpleasure.

The Physical Qualities Of Our Books


I know this is super controversial & could start a war, but “dog ears” aren’t that bad as long as you flip them back up once you move on from the page and if you own the book. Only monsters have multiple “dog ears” in a book at one time, and they must be banished to the backrooms for all eternity.

– Anonymous, Graphics

Deckled edges are so pretty! There I said it.

– Kristi Eskew, Editorial

I judge books by their covers. If you really love your book and think it’s good, you would give it a good cover. I just can’t find myself interested in books that look ugly no matter how much my friends tell me it’s so good, I will drag my feet to read it.

– Anonymous, Graphics

I actually love having different book covers in a single series. I don’t feel the need to have all of them be a matching set as I like seeing different versions on my shelf. Height also doesn’t bother me!

– Jaiden Cruz, Graphics

What We Look For In Our Books


I love a good world-building novel, but if the information isn’t relevant to the story, it’s just boring. I don’t need to know the cultural and political history of the protagonist’s breakfast; I just want to know if he ate something before being chased by a monster.

– Cara Hadden, Editorial

If a series isn’t completed yet, I won’t start it. No matter how popular a certain book is or how many people are talking about it, if I’m not able to binge a series all the way through when I first read it, I won’t start it.

– Lauren Tabella, Editorial

I love flawed but lovable characters. And I’m not talking about the main character being bad at math, or struggling to communicate. I’m talking about characters who say mean things, get really jealous, skip class, or do anything potentially cancelable. When a character has flaws, but they aren’t treated like the big bad, it makes them feel more real. They’ve got something to work up from, and I find that infinitely more interesting.

– Kaitlyn Gardineer, Editorial

When I read the back of a book, it doesn’t matter how intriguing the plot sounds. If the writing is dull, repetitive, or just plain unexciting, I won’t even bother starting it.

– Anonymous, Editorial

I’m a very plot-oriented reader. If there isn’t something interesting enough happening in the story to keep my attention, I’m putting it down and I don’t care how interesting the characters are.

– Madison Weir, Editorial

Miscellaneous Opinions


Not reading more than one book at a time is for people with their life together; I am not one of those. I’m reading four right now.

– Kristi Eskew, Editorial

Watching the movie first helps me visualize the book better.

– Pulane Motswagae, Social

If I am more than halfway through a book but I’m still not feeling it, I can’t DNF it. At that point, I have gotten too far and I am like physically compelled to see it through.

– Kaley Johnson, Editorial

I don’t get the hype around The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I thought it was boring.

– Valarie D’Amico, Editorial

Some series don’t need to be as long as they are.

– Anonymous, Social

Whether you agree with any of our opinions or they make you wanna throw that book in your hands across the room, all bookish opinions are valid. That’s what’s so great about reading. There is something for everyone and we all have the freedom to form our own opinions about our favorite hobby.

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