Everything I Ever Learned, I Learned From Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew has been our favorite girl detective since the 1930s. As we celebrate her return to television this month, I list everything my hero ever taught me.

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I was first introduced to Nancy Drew when I was six years old. I loved that she was a girl like me who went to school and hung out with her friends. Drew just happened to solve mysteries on the side. As I grew older, I collected dozens of her yellow-spined stories, played her countless computer games, and dutifully watched her adaptations. (The Emma Roberts version of Nancy Drew is still one of my faves). And with the Nancy Drew television series returning to The CW this month with the second half of its third season, I want to celebrate by sharing everything I ever learned from my favorite girl detective.

Being afraid doesn’t mean you also can’t be brave.

Find a partner who will support your dreams, even if those dreams mean finding yourself in precarious situations.

Everyone’s life path is different, and it’s okay if yours doesn’t follow the “norm.”


Always question everything you see.

Trusting yourself will get you far.

Good people can do bad things, but that doesn’t always make them bad people.

Behind every mystery is an interesting story.


It’s alright if there isn’t an answer to everything.

Learning from mistakes will only help you grow.

If you’re going to be afraid of anything, don’t be afraid of a mouse.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve already dived into Nancy Drew‘s third season, and I’m still just obsessed with the show as I was two years ago when it premiered. Be sure to catch Nancy Drew as she solves mysteries on The CW, Friday nights at 9 pm.

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