Five Books Showcasing Different Religions We Recommend

To explore more about religion, World Religion Day is today. Let’s explore different religions showcased in five books.

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Today is World Religion Day, there are many religions we aren’t aware of when reading books. Here are five examples of books that showcase different religions that we at Bookstr recommend.

Color Me In by Natasha E. Diaz


Nevaeh Levitz grew up in the New York suburbs and never thought about her biracial life. When suddenly her Jewish father and Black mother split up, she relocated with her mother to Harlem, where she meets her extended family. Going to a new school that is private and uptight, having a cousin who thinks you have light skin privilege, Nevaeh isn’t having the best experience. What makes matters worse is that her father is planning on giving her a bat mitzvah in place of a sixteenth birthday party. Her humiliation with her religion and race keep clashing. There is this constant push and pull which makes her life complex. But when she discovers her mother’s secret past, experiences prejudice, falls in love; she may find her own path and discover who she is. This book depicts Jewish religion and religious practices and also biracial experiences.

The Girl Who Looked Beyond the Stars by L.B. Anne


Sheena Meyer is the girl that is kind to the core. She would bring extra food to school in case someone doesn’t have lunch. She is also the girl with a hundred questions, she questions everything and it drives her family and teachers crazy. She awaits the day her life has a dramatic change, but maybe she got more than she bargained for. Sheena doesn’t know The Murk is coming for her gift, a gift she doens’t know she posesses. Nine years ago an angel appeared in front of a select few of children, only she was able to see it, and Sheena received the fits. Now at the age of thirteen, she is clueless as to what transpired years ago. She witnesses a supernatural being that rescues her dad from an accident. With mysterious texts appearing on her phone, a new student, and several questions, will she be able to discover who she is and use her gifts? This book depicts forms of Christianity.

Saints and Misfits by S.K. Ali


Janna beleives that saints and people shape the world in a great way but are hard to see. They can be right in front of you but vanish. Misfits are what she descirbes as herself and her friend Jeremy. They may live in different worlds but they share the same outcome. A misfit is someone who doesn’t fit in, like with her Dad’s new family, and even with her mother and perfect brother. She has no place to fit. The last thing she beleives in are monsters, people that are monsters wear the masks of saints. A monster was at her mosque one day, and she saw underneath that mask. This book depicts muslim and Islamic practices.

Sword and Serpent by Taylor R. Marshall


The year is A.D. 299, and the Roman Oracles have stopped prophecizing Emperor Diocletian. Despite the gods silence it stirs up the potential wreckage and persecution that is slowly going across the Roman Empire. The suspicion and hatred brewing in Rome causes a young man and woman to be united through the prophecy from the Roman catacombs. Will they be able to battle the evil? This book has decpictions of the Catholic religion.

Excavating Pema Ozer by Yudron Wangmo


Weslyn Redinger wants to be normal, but she has panic attacks that ruin her social life. With her friends moving away from her its a hard life to cope with. The reason for her panic attacks is because she saw the body of a boy, a boy that she loved, going into an ambulance. With that traumatic experience, it’s hard to speak of it aloud. She is soon drawn by a seeker who is acquainted with a stranger that is living in her grandmother’s backyard shed. At first she is resistant to his teachings. But these teachings soon invade her dreams into this alive like world. During the day she is a teacher’s attendant but at night she is a sixteen year old who can’t get control of her life and is haunted by vivid dreams. What is with this mysterious strange man and why is he drawn by his lost Tibetan books that have been taken by a greedy collector? Soon the truth will be revealed and she will be taken into a strange world. This book depicts the Buddhist religion and teachings.

We hope that these five amazing books give you an insight on what religions are out there and how they cater to the storytelling of books.

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