Early Reviews Call ‘The Last of Us’ “F**king Incredible”

Early reviews from critics and fans are praising HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ for its outstanding performances, storytelling, and faithfulness to the video game.

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Pedro pascal in the last of us

Early reviews for HBO’s highly anticipated adaptation of The Last of Us are pouring in after the show’s Hollywood premiere, and they’re nothing short of glowing. Fans and critics alike are raving about the show’s storytelling and the performances of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay as Joel and Ellie. Most importantly, though, there’s much praise for the show’s faithfulness to the original game.

Take a look at some of the raving reviews and reactions from lucky users and critics on Twitter who caught a first look at The Last of Us.

The greatest video game adaptation? Maybe…

Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller and Bella Ramsay as Ellie in HBO's-- The Last of Us
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When we hear “video game adaptation,” our first reaction is usually to cringe or reflect on previous adaptations that were executed poorly (we’re looking at you, Assassin’s Creed). But it seems the tables have finally turned.

Critics and fans are calling HBO’s The Last of Us “one of the greatest video game stories ever told.” One user went as far as saying it’s “f**king incredible.” Many are praising the show’s faithfulness to the 2013 video game of the same name. Tamoor Hussain from GameSpot says TLoU “stands proudly as one of the best video game adaptations ever,” and “the adaptation is both faithful and reimagined in smart ways.”

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Other Twitter users echoed this sentiment. Here are more reviews and reactions floating around Twitter. Be warned, you’ll be aggressively checking your calendar and counting down the days to the premiere by the end of this.

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So, are you excited yet? We definitely are. If you need us, we’ll be counting down the days to the premiere of The Last of Us.

HBO’s The Last of Us, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, premieres on HBO and HBO Max Sunday, January 15, at 9 pm ET. Make sure to check back here at Bookstr after each episode for our weekly Twitter reaction roundups!