E.B. White Books That Made Our Childhood

Childhood books were the foundation for a lifetime of loving books. Some would say that beloved author E.B. White started that foundation.

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Since his early years, E.B. White’s children’s books have stood out the most. For most of his books, the fiction tales of fantasy and adventure are the perfect storm for every kid’s imagination. While most of the books he wrote were for novice writers, his three children’s books are the most recognized. During the book’s first release, both libraries and schools released it for public education. Second, all of these books teachers use today for learning. In addition, these classic stories not only marked childhood memories but also gave children a passion for reading and allowed them to develop a love for it along the way.

1. Charlotte’s Web


When Wilbur is planned to be killed, Fern steps in to save the day. In view of this, she falls in love with Fern and begins a long-lasting friendship with the pig. Seeing that there are other farm animals like a goose and old sheep it is important to realize her love was mainly for Wilbur. However, with time a spider named Charlotte appears to try to save Wilbur the pig. Granted that, the spider does this by leaving messages in her spider’s web, alluding to the fact that Wilbur is special. Thus, Charlotte and Fern were hoping to convince the farmer, Fern’s father, to reconsider.

In other words, this story is about more than just friendship. By all means, it teaches kids about courage and self-sacrifice. That is to say, many readers were excited to learn that Fern did save the pig. It made the book all that more memorable, except for the fact that Charlotte the spider dies in the end. For this reason, this book is a popular choice in public schools as it teaches kids, not only about reading, but a life lesson as well. If people were asked to recall the books they read as a kid, this would come to mind.

2. Stuart Little


Similar to Charlotte’s Web, this book is a journey of adventures. To point out, the mouse named Stuart travels from place to place, until he reaches the town of Ames Crossing. As a result, Stuart Little becomes a substitute teacher. With bullies like Snowbell, the cat, he must learn how to adapt to the human world. For example, he had to adapt to living in a human-sized house with the help of his family. Yet, he makes a friend along the way, a bird named Margalo, who helps Stuart overcome his struggles. While he was born into a family of humans, his family knew Stuart was special from the very beginning.

Not only did this book teach kids about normalizing being different, but all types of living things can live in harmony. In addition, this book showed that no matter how hard the problem is, anyone can overcome their issues; a great example of adversity. Thus, the details of his big journey keep kids interested and make reading all the more fun. Moreover, this book grew so popular that it became adapted into a movie as well. Equally important is that among a poll in 2012, this book remained on top as a classic children’s literature book with Charlotte’s Web.

3. The Trumpet of the Swan


First discovered is a trumpeter swan who cannot speak and has lost their voice. To impress a swan named Serena, this swan learned to play the trumpet instead. After all, this book is a direct reference to Louis Armstrong. Despite the swan’s disability, it was able to overcome and learn other ways to share its voice. Overall, a great example of introducing the topic of disability to young children. With this in mind, a boy named Sam Beaver saved Serena and the trumpeter swan from a fox. Expressly, the swan and the boy named Beaver are best friends that every child can relate to in some way.

Given these points, these are the top three books by E.B. White that influenced children’s interest in reading. Altogether, most adults now refer to these books as the ones that held the most impact in their memory growing up. Whether it was the story arc or the characters themselves, each book had a great tale with a life lesson behind it. In brief, schools still require these classics on the kids’ reading list. Finally, even outside of school, kids still read these books to this day.

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