Did Shrewd Booktok Sleuths Expose the Cast of Book Lovers?

Did fans of Emily Henry uncover the secret cast of the upcoming Book Lovers adaptation, or is it all just rumors? Read on to find out!

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book lovers by Emily Henry, arrow twirling into a film cartoon.

Recently there has been talk about many rom-coms and contemporary romance novels getting put on screen. Many are screaming to the masses, “Romance is dead!” or “Rom-com films are not the same anymore!” Yet, something rather interesting happened on St. Patrick’s Day.

One Instagram story posted by two actors — Paul Mescal and Ayo Edebiri — set BookTok on a conspiracy rollercoaster. The BookTok audience is on the hunt, investigating and putting in the hard work with one name on high watch alert…

Emily Henry.

Is Book Lovers being adapted?

Back in March 2023, Book Lovers by Emily Henry was in talk about being turned from page to screen. Tango Entertainment bought the rights to this novel. However, even more recently, on St. Patrick’s Day, this idea gained even more traction.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry. A book cover art of a man and woman turned away, holding hands, and reading books.

If you recall, Tango produced a movie in 2022, Aftersun, starring Paul Mescal. The producers of that movie are reportedly working with Emily Henry on Book Lovers! Okay. So, where is the connection between Paul and Ayo and the Book Lovers movie here?

The Conspiracy Begins

Emily Henry is working with producers of Aftersun. Aftersun starred Paul Mescal. Paul Mescal and Ayo Edibiri posted a cute picture on their Instagram story on March 17, 2024 (for St. Patrick’s Day). That post was then reposted by Emily Henry herself! Then Henry posted the front page of the screenwriting manuscript, written by Yulin Kuang. And what would happen if you went to Yulin Kuang’s Instagram story on March 17? You would find she also reposted Paul and Ayo’s post!

Nothing is confirmed, it’s all speculation, but people are connecting the dots. They are dotting their i’s, crossing their t’s. And when BookTok catches a glimpse of something rather interestingly convenient and too coincidental; we pounce!

Whether the rumors are true, these two stunning actors on screen together would be a pleasure. I, like many others, adored Emily Henry’s Book Lovers. Even if it doesn’t come to fruition, the fans are truly excited for the new adaptations to come from her novels.

Funny Story by Emily Henry. A book cover art with a man and woman cheers-ing at a bar.

On top of all this, the excitement can’t die down for Emily Henry. Her new book, Funny Story, is coming out on April 23, 2024! Don’t miss it!

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