Popular Manga City Hunter Soon to Have Netflix Adaptation

Netflix just released its teaser for the live-action adaptation of the popular manga City Hunter by Tsukasa Hojo. Here’s what fans think.

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City Hunter, the popular action manga that started in 1985, is receiving another new adaptation. Back in December 2022, Netflix announced a live-action film based on the original manga. Now, they’ve released the teaser leading up to its launch in April. While it’s hard to know until the film’s official release, fans are excited that it seems to be staying true to its source material.

What is the City Hunter manga?

City Hunter is a manga developed by Tsukasa Hojo. It’s both an action and a comedy story following a detective named Ryo Saeba as he attempts to solve the murder of his partner.

The manga has been adapted in various ways before, one of the most popular being the anime adaptation that lasted for four seasons through Sunrise Inc., which was its first anime adaptation. The series went on to receive a few other anime series, other live-action films, and even a K-drama.

City Hunter by Hojo Tsukasa man holding woman and pointing gun.

City Hunter was an ’80s manga and anime, which means its peak popularity was before most American audiences were becoming interested in anime. So if Netflix’s adaptation becomes a good introduction to the series, it could gain a lot of new fans.

What is the Netflix adaptation of City Hunter?

Netflix announced its attempt to make a live-action adaptation based on the original manga. Netflix has a track record of live-action anime adaptations, with varying levels of appeasing the fans of the source material. Shows such as One Piece were the most well-received, while other adaptations like Cowboy Bebop got mixed feedback from audiences. However, Netflix’s teaser drop for City Hunter seems to be a promising start.

The teaser captures the comedic tones of the original series, and many fans are excited to see the accurate casting of Ryohei Suzuki as the lead role of Ryo Saeba. The teaser even includes a version of the song Get Wild, which was part of the original anime’s theme. The film is being directed by Yuichi Sato, with the Japanese team at Netflix spearheading the project. So far, the team has done a great job appeasing fans of the original and drawing attention from new viewers.

This is also the first adaptation to film in Shinjuku, Tokyo, so the film will take place in the modern day. The team working on this City Hunter adaptation is doing the best they can to maintain the aspects of the original manga that made fans enjoy it so much.

While no one will know for sure until the movie releases in April, Netflix seems to be delivering another great adaptation for a popular manga series.

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