Demon Slayer Announces Its Exciting Conclusion as a Movie Trilogy

The fighting’s just begun! Demon Slayer once again heads to the big theaters! Read to learn more!

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Tanjiro and the presence of Yoriichi as he uses Sun Breathing to strike a demon.

The anime has been going strong since its first season, even more so since the first theatrical release of the Mugen Train Arc. A critical hit that became the highest-grossing movie back in 2020, the studio has been releasing its sequels — Swordsmith Village Arc, released February 2023, and To the Hashira Training Arc, released in February 2024 — like it’s nothing, even announcing world tours to promote their movies. It doesn’t seem like Ufotable, the animation studio in charge of Demon Slayer, is slowing down anytime soon. With Ufotable’s stellar animation that continues to hold up as the series progresses, the studio is cooking up something special for the next arc of the Demon Slayer saga: the much anticipated Infinity Castle Arc.

The Infinity Castle Trailer

Just after the release of the final episode of the Hashira Training Arc, Crunchyroll announced with a trailer that the next arc, the Infinity Castle Arc, will be set for theaters in not one, but three movies! They’ll adapt its manga counterpart created by Koyoharu Gotouge, from chapters 137 to 183. Though three movies may seen as excessive, and that both Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures Entertainment are milking the franchise’s worth, that’s not the case at all. Everyone involved will get their time to shine. And I mean everyone. From the humans to the demons, we’ll learn more about many characters as they fight for their lives.

From what made Zenitsu have eyes ready to kill — no manga spoilers here, but Zenitzu will fight for vengeance — Akaza’s life before he became a demon, Inosuke’s life before being raised by boars in the wild, and more on who the mysterious Yoriichi is, and why he still strikes fear to the likes of Muzan even after a thousand years. That’s barely scratching the surface of what’s to come in this jam-packed arc, with all demon slayers fighting to protect the future of humanity from Muzan Kibutsuji’s terror. So three movies makes sense. It’s better than cramming everything in one rushed movie. There’s also another arc after the Infinity Castle called the Sunrise Countdown Arc (chapters 184 – 205). Whether or not this will be included with the films remains to be seen. Though there’s a high chance it will, as this and Infinity Castle are both part of the overall final battle of the series.

There is no release date, other than the movie’s global release that’ll exclude certain parts of Asia and Japan — Japan gets Demon Slayer’s first showings and then the rest of the world gets theirs. Whether it’ll be next year or a few, viewers of this anime will anxiously wait for the next installment after the Hashira Training Arc ended with a cliffhanger that demands a hopeful soon-to-be release date.

The Final Battle Begins

In the chilling episode of The Hashira Unite, we see Ubuyashiki, the leader of the Demon Slayer Corp, and Muzan having a long conversation. As Muzan prepares to kill the sickly man, Ubuyashiki pisses Muzan off, with no fear in him, by saying how even after he’s gone, there will always be demon slayers to fight against the demons, while for Muzan, if he was destroyed, then all the demons he’s made would also cease to exist. He also states how feelings and memories are the true definition of eternity, how all the demons slayers, dead and alive, will come after Muzan with their full might, and their undying hatred for the demon will be Muzan’s undoing. The imagery in this episode was beautiful!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Infinity Castle Arc. Tanjiro and the Hashira showcased for the final arc of the show.

This doesn’t deter the demon from obtaining his goal of conquering the sun by eating Nezuko Kamado, the first demon to not burn under the sun. But the demon slayers will not be discouraged either as Tanjiro Kamado and the Hashiras come in with raging retribution as they find their master dead, his headquarters on fire, and with Muzan front and center in the destruction.

It’s a race against time as the demon slayers must battle against Muzan till the sun rises: the only way to finally kill the demon king. Their endurance will be displayed spectacularly on the big screen, and I will be sitting in that movie theater to witness it!

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