Cozy Fantasy Fans Rejoice: Author Heather Fawcett Announces New Book

Emily Wilde fans rejoice! New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author Author Heather Fawcett has three all-new cozy fantasy reads coming your way.

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Emily Wilde fans rejoice! New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author Author Heather Fawcett has three all-new cozy fantasy reads coming your way. Author Heather Fawcett captured the attention of cozy academia fantasy fans worldwide with her Emily Wilde series. Lucky for you, she has just announced three new cozy fantasies to begin hitting shelves in February 2026. Read on to learn more.

A Return to Shelves

Orbit Books broke the news that Fawcett will return to shelves once more with Agnes Aubert’s Mystical Cat Shelter. This six-figure deal between Fawcett and Orbit promises the release of three new cozy fantasy reads. Fawcett is well known and loved for her cozy academic fantasy Emily Wilde series. With the third installment, Emily Wilde’s Compendium of Lost Tales, to be released in February 2025, fans will celebrate that Fawcett has more in store.

Cover of Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries by Heather Fawcett

Cozy As Can Be

The first book in the Emily Wilde series, Emily Wilde’s Encylopaedia of Faeries, hit shelves and captured hearts in January 2023. This first installment follows Emily, a brilliant (and socially clueless) Cambridge professor of dryadology, as she travels to a remote island to complete her titular encyclopaedia of faeries. Along the way, readers revel in her friendships with the fae, swoon at her rivals-to-lovers romance with fellow professor Wendell Bambleby, and empathize with her less-than-ideal social skills. It arrived amidst a wave of popularity for cozy fantasy and romantasy reads, including Travis Baldree’s Legends & Lattes and Sangu Mandanna’s The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches in 2022.

Cover of Emily Wilde's Map of the Otherlands

The sequel, Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands, soon followed in January 2024. This follow-up takes our beloved Emily and Wendell to Austria, where they search for doors to the faerie realms and the scholars that may just have disappeared into them long ago. The third and final book in the Emily Wilde series vows to whisk readers farther into Faerie than ever before. Fawcett has also written a YA Fantasy duology entitled Even the Darkest Stars and multiple books for middle-grade readers.

Cover of Emily Wilde's Compendium of Lost Tales

What’s to Come

The newly announced Agnes Aubert’s Mystical Cat Shelter follows the tradition Emily Wilde set forth; Orbit shared via Instagram:

“Make space on your bookshelves for a gorgeous new cosy fantasy romance from Heather Fawcett… with magic shops, rescue cats and heart-warming romance.”

The book introduces us to a new offbeat, loveable protagonist in the titular Agnes Aubert. This over-ambitious cat shelter manager crosses path with Havelock Renard, the failed Dark Lord who is using her shelter as a front for his clandestine magic shop. As danger enroaches, Agnes must protect herself and her cats from one of Havelock’s old enemies.

The Bookseller reported on the three-book deal, sharing what Orbit UK’s commissioning editor Nadia Saward had to say about the upcoming releases. They stated, “I am overjoyed that we’ll be continuing to publish Heather’s books in the UK. Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries launched cosy academia as a fan-favourite genre and cemented Heather as must-read cosy fantasy author. We know readers are going to be obsessed when they meet Agnes and all her delightful furry companions.” The cover and preorders for this upcoming release are soon to be released.

With four warm-and-fuzzy upcoming releases from Fawcett, fans have much to look forward to, even after the close of Emily Wilde’s world. Have you already added Agnes Aubert’s Mystical Cat Shelter to your TBR?

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