Peaceful Pages: 4 of The Most Comforting Stories for a Cozy Read

When the worries of our day are overwhelming, we turn to light-hearted reads to whisk us into a stress-free world. Gathered here are 4 books from the last 10 years whose stories you are guaranteed to find comfort in. 

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When the worries of our day are overwhelming, we turn to light-hearted reads to whisk us into a stress-free world. Gathered here are four books from the last 10 years whose stories you are guaranteed to find comfort in. 

The worries of our day can be overwhelming. Sometimes, when we turn to books for solace, we want to be confident that the storyline will not leave us devastated. If you are looking for some light-hearted reads to help you reduce stress and learn how to find joy in the simple pleasures of life, you are in the right place. Here are some books that offer a range of styles and comforting voices. 

The House in the Cerulean Sea (2020) by TJ Klune

“This inclusive fantasy is quite possibly the greatest feel-good story ever to involve the Antichrist. The House in the Cerulean Sea will delight fans of Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series and any reader looking for a burst of humor and hope.”

Shelf Awareness
Book cover of a red house on the edge of a cliff over the sea

Linus Baker, a quiet and solitary man working as a Case Worker for the Department in Charge Of Magical Youth, is summoned for a highly classified assignment: to assess six dangerous children residing in the Marsyas Island Orphanage. As Linus delves into the lives of these unique children, he forms unexpected bonds with them and their charming caretaker, Arthur Parnassus. This book is a captivating tale of discovering family in the most unlikely of places and the profound impact of acceptance and love.

A Psalm for the Wild-Built (2021) by Becky Chambers

“The first book in Chambers’ new series feels like a moment to breathe, a novel that exists to give readers a place to rest and think… Recommended for fans of Chambers’ Wayfarers series and The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune.”

Booklist Starred Review
Book cover of a robot and a man on an abstractly drawn nature path

Set in a futuristic world, the Panga society hit critical stagnation centuries ago. Robots that were created to help the human workforce ended up fully replacing it. When the robots advanced to a sense of consciousness, they fled into the forest and became an urban legend. When a robot comes upon a monk named Dex, a unique relationship builds between them. In order for the robot to leave Dex to his own peace, an introspective question must be answered: “What do humans need?” A profound adventure — and a gentle read — begins in hopes of answering that question. 

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (2016) by Becky Chambers

“Humane and alien, adventurous and thoughtful, vast in its imagination and wonderfully personal in the characters it builds. But above all else, it is joyously written and a joy to read.”

Author Claire North
Book cover with neon lettering and a spaceship flying in space

Seeking distance from her past, the independent and introspective Rosemary Harper joins the crew of the aging spaceship Wayfarer. A simple choice turns into a thrilling life among its eccentric members. The members all have different skills and unique personality traits. When offered a risky job that will greatly profit, the crew of oddballs must collaborate to face the unexpected challenges that they encounter in their galactic adventure. Rosemary comes to understand the value of love, trust, and camaraderie.

All Creatures Great and Small (2014) by James Herriot

“Herriot charms because he delights in life, embraces it with sensitivity and gust and writes with grace. All Creatures Great and Small may well be the happiest book of the year.”

The New York Times Book Review
Book cover of a dog laying in  a pasture

Written as a memoir, Herriot embarks on his veterinary career in the beautiful and rural area of Yorkshire. He quickly realizes that the challenges of this practice are far different than he expected. His experiences range from emotional visits to elderly villagers whose lives revolve around their animal companions, comedic meetings with pampered pets, and tender encounters with farmers whose unbreakable devotion to their animals makes the pages feel less stiff. Through it all, Herriot’s compassion and humor make for an amazing comfort read — especially if your reading partner is your pup.

Reading offers new worlds for us to escape into. You deserve to let your mind relax. Whether they are guiding you through some gentle soul-searching or on a fanciful adventure, these stories will lead you to somewhere better than where you began.

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