7 Wonderful Cozy Mysteries With the Spirit of Springtime

Even as the weather warms up, you can still stay inside and read one, or all, of these wonderful cozy mysteries!

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The aesthetic of reading outside in the spring from the comfort of your lawn chair is undeniable. But the harsh reality — namely of bugs and sunburn — breaks the allusion. So, whether you decide to read from your porch or from the comfort of your reading nook, these seven cozy mysteries are sure to keep you thrilled and longing for the days of fluffy blankets and hot cups of coffee (or tea!).

The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha by Joanna Carl

As Easter approaches, Lee Woodyard and her aunt Nettie need all the help they can get to make their famous chocolate bunnies. Unfortunately, their new hire, Bunny, is a bit clumsy. Yet she’s a wiz with computers, so Lee and Nettie decide to keep her on.

A chocolate bunny with part of its left ear missing faces the viewer against a light green background. "The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha" is in a yellow-pink font.

But their new hire attracts customers the shop could do without, like her soon-to-be-ex-husband Beau, his wealthy aunt Abigail, his new girlfriend, and her brother, who all soon descend on the shop and have a bitter argument. Lee hopes to peacefully end the dispute, but with the discovery of Abigail’s body in the vacant shop next door, it’s clear there’s a bad egg in their midst. Now Lee’s on the hunt to find out who it is.

Death on Lily Pond Lane by Carrie Doyle

A bird's eye view of a town with a lighthouse, cup of coffee and a dessert in the foreground. A plane, island, and water are in the background.

Antonia Bingham has settled into town and taken on work as an estate manager, granting her access to some of the most glamorous homes in town. Once inside, she checks for leaks and damages — and finds a dead body. Now it’s up to Antonia to put her deduction skills to use.

Murder at a Cape Bookstore by Maddie Day

Everyone loves a festival, but Mac has concerns about the Spring Equinox event, organized by Wagner Lavoie, the new Chamber of Commerce director. Even with the unpredictable March weather, there’s still plenty to enjoy, including flower-shaped candies, spring rolls, and a parade of decorated bicycles.

A sunset lit bookshop with "The Book Nook" in gold text. A red bicycle covered in flowers rests to the right of the shop with an overturned flower basket sits to the left of the shop.

But things take a turn when Wagner is found dead in the Book Nook bookshop, pinned beneath a toppled bookshelf. And it’s an irresistible case for Mac and her book group, the Cozy Capers. Now they must use all their sleuthing skills to bring the killer’s story to a close.

Easter Bonnet Murder by Leslie Meier

The Heritage House, known for its cheerful staff and annual Easter Bonnet Contest, is a hotspot for visitors. But when Miss Julia Tilley, the town’s retired librarian, checks in while she recovers from an illness, part-time reporter Lucy Stone gets a look at a side of the Heritage House that isn’t so perfect. And when Agnes Neal goes missing during the contest, few seem concerned about foul play.

A white rabbit is turned away from the viewer wearing a garden hat. It's surrounded by Easter eggs, sitting on green Easter grass against a bright yellow background.

An independent-minded former journalist, Agnes had little interest in conforming to her caretakers’ rules — traits that threatened and angered others. As the police investigation stalls, Lucy realizes there is no age limit to backstabbing, as parallels between her college daughter’s so-called friends and the social circles at the House arise. Gathering loose clues, Lucy must work to discover what happened to Agnes — before her own story becomes another unsolved tragedy.

Chilled to the Cone by Ellie Alexander

As Winter finally leaves Ashland, Oregan, local pastry shop Torte is gearing up for a busy spring. And when an opportunity presents itself to launch a pop-up ice cream shop, Juliet (Jules) Caphsaw jumps at the opportunity to showcase Torte’s signature iced drinks and cold custards.

An ice-cream stand is in front of a pastry shop while a pink ice-cream cone is upside down on the sidewalk.

But selling the desserts of her dreams turns into a nightmare when a local street performer is found dead just as Torte 2.0 is set to open. Can Jules discover what happened to “The Wizard” of Ashland before her new business reaches a chilling conclusion?

No Cats Allowed by Miranda James

Mississippi librarian Charlie Harris and his cat Diesel are on their guard. The new director at the Athena College library, Oscar Reilly, is on a mission to cut costs, starting with the archive and rare book collection, replacing Charlie’s friend Melba with someone younger, and declaring all four-legged creatures banned.

A tabby cat is posed in front of a bookshelf near a foot stool and a stack of books. The surrounding shelves are a burnt orange color.

When Oscar is found dead in the library, the suspect list is long, with enemies aplenty, but the evidence throws suspicion on Melba. Convinced that his friend is no murderer, Charlie and Diesel must read between the lines and discover the menacing stranger lurking around the library.

Death of a Diva at Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison

A woman stands in a room in a red dress and looks into a hand mirror as a dog looks at her. Bats and chandeliers surround her. The walls are green, and the floor is orange.

Spring is in the air — along with the sound of music — when the Dowager Countess Lady Edith Honeychurch agrees to stage a production of The Merry Widow in the run-down ballroom at Honeychurch Hall. Fears that Edith is going senile are put to rest when Kat Stanford learns the favor is a request from Countess Olga Golodkin, Edith’s oldest friend and director of the Devon Operative Dramatic Organization. A week before, the D.O.D.O’s original venue was destroyed in a mysterious fire, but with tickets sold and costumes made, Olga is determined to put on this show.

No matter what, The Merry Widow will go out with a bang.

While these stories may lack the gore associated with traditional mysteries, the characters, their motivations, the quaint small towns, and the search for who done it are sure to be enjoyed by readers of all genres. And they’re still guaranteed to thrill and chill, even with spring in full bloom.

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