12 Anticipated Reads to Blossom Your Bookshelf In April

Spring cleaning through the old books and looking for a fresh new cover? Read more about the new releases this April to add to your bookshelf!

New Release Recommendations
three books in the center: the fellowship of puzzlemakers, funny story, and the book that broke the world. Blue background with flowers and stars around the books.

As we spring forward into the new season, we need a worthy book to stick our nose in. Whether lounging on your porch or nestled in a cozy corner of your favorite cafe, this is the season of embracing new beginnings. This April marks that beginning; there are so many anticipating reads that I have been sitting on the edge of my seat, ready to pounce at once they reach the bookshelves. Here are some of the most anticipated books hitting the shelves this April.


Funny Story – Emily Henry

Coming April 23, 2024

Funny Story by Emily Henry. Book art of a couple sitting at the bar, slumped and tired.

Funny Story is a contemporary romance about Daphne, who was just dumped by her fiance, Peter, for his childhood best friend, Petra. She is attempting to start a new story with only her dream job (Children’s librarian) and proposing to room with Petra’s ex, Miles. They start at odds but grow into their friendship and hatch a secret operation, a plan that involves getting back at their exes. They are opposites with a peculiar wrong thing in common: they are falling in love with their ex-fiance’s new fiance’s ex… What can go wrong?

The Love Algorithm – Camilla Isley

Coming April 26, 2024

The Love Algorithm by Camilla Isley. Book art of a girl with a computer in her hand and a boy looking over at her.

Reese is a workaholic married to her job (head of Research and Development at Mercer Robotics). Everything is going swimmingly until her Big Boss forces her to look after his son as he does lab rotations. Reese doesn’t want to babysit a billionaire playboy who knows next to nothing about mechanical engineering, but when Thomas walks in, she realizes how difficult it’s going to be. He is impossibly impossible, but somehow, between hating him and hashing out comebacks, she falls for his charm.

Here We Go Again – Alison Cochrun

Coming April 2, 2024

Here We Go Again by Alison Cochrun. Book art of two girls stepping out of a car, looking at the horizon.

Logan and Rosemary used to be friends… ten years ago. They expect to live their separate (completely different) lives as they always have. However, when their favorite English teacher and mentor tells them he has a few months to live, they are forced back together to travel across the country. As the three of them journey together, tension, past hurts, and myriad emotional rollercoasters slowly bring the friends back to where they belong.

Just For The Summer – Abby Jimenez

Coming April 2, 2024

Just For The Summer by Abby Jimenez. Book art of a couple holding hands, skipping through the lake, a dog chasing them.

Just For The Summer is a contemporary romance. Justin is a dude with a problem, well, more of a curse. His viral Reddit thread says it all: Every woman he goes on dates with finds their soul mate the second they break up. But it all changes when he gets a text from a woman, Emma, who has the very same issue. Maybe they can date, break up, and finally find their soulmate. Or… maybe their curse was actually an act of fate.


The Familiar by Leigh Bardugo

Coming April 9, 2024

The Familiar by Leigh Bardugo. A Spanish painting hand holding a jewelry, a scorpion crawling from underneath the sleeve.

Luzia Cotado is a servant with a knack for magic. Her days in Madrid are shabby until she reveals her secret skills. She is swept into the world of seers, alchemists, crowns, and holy men. When her talent catches the attention of Antonio Perez, the secretary to the king, Luzia realizes she might need to outsmart her enemies, hide her Jewish blood from the Inquisition, and gain the trust of an immortal, Guillen Santangel, to survive the crown’s game of power and magic.

Fantasy Romance

Powerful: A Powerful Story – Lauren Roberts

Coming April 30, 2024

Powerful by Lauren Roberts. A needle dripping in blood, purple thread wrapping around it like a whip.

If you liked Powerless by Lauren Roberts, you might like this one. Powerful is a novella that follows Adena after Paedyn is selected for the Purging Trials, leaving the slums of Loot. After attempting to steal, Adena is rescued by Mak, a mysterious low-level Elite of Loot. They team up to find their loved ones before the Purging Trials, going on an interesting quest that tests their love, loyalty, and lives.

Draw Down The Moon – P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Coming April 2, 2024

Draw Down The Moon by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. Book art of a girl holding a candle, the castle underneath her engulfed in the flames.

Draw Down The Moon is a fantasy romance about Wren Nightingale. Destined for mundanity, Wren’s life takes a turn on her eighteenth birthday when she starts to glow, leading her to Academia de la Luna (a magical school). At the same time, Lee Young, a good friend and secret admirer, has to pass the trials and honor his family. As they both navigate challenges, Wren and Lee confront difficult choices between duty, prophecies, and love.

The Book That Broke the World – Mark Lawrence

Coming April 9, 2024

The Book That Broke the World by Mark Lawrence. A book cover with a crow flying in the middle of an enchanted library.

This is the second volume of Lawrence’s Library Trilogy, following The Book That Wouldn’t Burn. In this book, Evar and Livira are forced to stand together while being so far out of reach. All because of an age-long lie, the world is on the precipice of being completely shattered. Both Evar and Livira are dead set on fighting for the people they love and discovering exactly what ideas are worth fighting for.

Old Flames and New Fortunes – Sarah Hogle

Coming April 23, 2024

Old Flames and New Fortunes by Sarah Hogle. Book art of a girl in a flower crown holding a boys hand.

Old Flames and New Fortunes is a happy blended book of Contemporary Romance and Light Fantasy. It tells the story of a second-chance romance between a magical florist and her high school sweetheart. Romina falls into a week-long fake dating scheme with her colleague, Trevor. But all hell breaks loose when Alex (aka her greatest love and the man that broke her heart) is Trevor’s stepbrother, who now believes she and Trevor are dating. Romina decides that the only reasonable solution is to prove to Alex what he lost… despite their growing attraction…

Fiction Thriller/Mystery

The Fellowship Of Puzzlemakers – Samuel Burr

Coming April 9, 2024

The Fellowship Of Puzzlemakers by Samuel Burr. A book art of a puzzle revealing a pink house.

The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers is a diminishing institution of eccentric enigmatologists. Clayton Stumper, a twenty-six-year-old who dresses like he’s a 1920s newsie, was left on their doorsteps when he was just a baby. He grew up solving puzzles, mysteries, and clues. When Pippa Allsbrook, a motherly figure to Clayton, passes, she leaves him her final puzzle to solve: his parents. On his journey for answers, he learns secrets about the Fellowship that changes how he sees everything entirely.

Kill Her Twice – Stacey Lee

Coming April 23, 2024

Kill Her Twice by Stacey Lee. A picture of a 1930s woman, torn in half ominously.

In the glitz and glam of the 1930s City of Angels (Los Angeles), the mysterious death of Lulu Wong, a Chinatown starlet, sets off a chain of events. Suspecting foul play, her former classmates, the Chow sisters, launch their own investigation to uncover the truth amidst police corruption and political intrigue. Racing against time, they risk everything to solve the murder and protect their community from destruction through their friendship and resilience.


The Secret Lives of Booksellers & Librarians – James Patterson and Matt Eversmann

Coming April 8, 2024

The Secret Lives of Booksellers & Librarians by James Patterson and Matt Eversmann. A yellow book with a drawn book lighting up.

Meet the bookish heroes — the booksellers and librarians — who are more than just curators of stories. They’re detectives, matchmakers, and visionaries, dedicated to spreading the magical joy of reading. In this book, James Patterson tells the tale of their inspiring true stories. It unveils the curtain hiding the hard workers who connect readers with their next favorite adventure. These are the people who live in a gap between the pages and the buyer.

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