Love In The Lab: New and Upcoming STEM Romance

Romance is a science! Read on all the new and upcoming STEM romance novels for couples with explosive chemistry!

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three books in a row, the love algorithm, not in love, and the calculation of you and me. Stars and science drawings at the edges of the books.

Romance is a science. It’s a full-fledged experiment in this lab we call life. It’s like mixing volatile elements, but the perfect blend could create tense chemistry between two infectious people/characters. There’s something about romance that sends our brains into overdrive, pumping out dopamine and oxytocin like there is no tomorrow!

Just like the STEM world, romance is very complex. The stakes are raised, the competition fierce, the reactions are fiery, and there is an endless supply of science puns! So, it makes total sense that the STEM field + the laws of attraction = love-struck idiots. It’s a proven theory in the cosmos! And I can be the first to attest that we need more STEM romance novels!

Here are some of the STEM romance novels we are all excited about!

Not in Love – Ali Hazelwood

Coming out June 11, 2024!

Not in Love by Ali Hazelwood. Book cover art of a girl and guy holding each other in a science lab.

Not in Love is about Rue Siebert, a food science employee of a start-up called Kline. Her handsome rival, Eli Killgore, and his business partners are trying to take Kline. Even though they are enemies, there is a burning attraction between them, and a yearning for a secret affair they continue.

The Love Algorithm – Camilla Isley

Coming out April 26, 2024!

The Love Algorithm by Camilla Isley. A book art cover with a brunette girl holding a laptop and a blond man eyeing her.

This book is about Reese, a Ph.D. head of Research and Development at Mercer Robotics who is married to work. She is tasked with caring for her boss’ son, who is making her a workplace babysitter and a billionaire playboy with no mechanical engineering experience. Reese expects to hate this until tall boy Thomas walks in, shaking up her entire beliefs — and her ideas on love.

Love Signals – Melanie Summers

Coming out June 6, 2024!

Love Signals by Melanie Summers. A book cover art with a guy kissing a girls forehead in a astronomy lab.

Love Signals is Book 2 of Melanie Summers’ Brainiacs in Love Series. It follows Allegra Cammareri, a SETI researcher who has spent her career looking in space for signs of life. She puts her life (and work) on pause when a famous Hollywood actor, Hudson Finch, shadows her job for his next movie role. She doesn’t want to get involved, but somehow, they end up gravitating toward each other.

Love Under The Microscope – Emi Leon

Coming out March 14, 2024!

Love Under the Microscope - Emi Leon. A woman with a lab coat and a man with a suit inside a science lab.

Love Under The Microscope (Romancing The Geek Book 4) is about a woman trying to save her company after an ex-boyfriend steals her formula. To save her job and the company, she plans to work with a nosy reporter whom she hates, Jack Parker. But he turns out to be less villainous than she imagined.

The Calculation of You and Me – Serena Kaylor

Coming out June 18, 2024!

The Calculation of You and Me by Serena Kaylor. A book cover art with a girl and a guy reading intently while sitting on a pile of stacked books.

The Calculation of You and Me is about Marlowe Meadows, a calculus nerd who is more obsessed with Python than love. She ended up somehow dating Josh, the golden boy, to then getting dumped by Josh after telling her she is incapable of emotional depth. Marlowe doesn’t like failing, so she asks Ashton Hayes to write love letters for her to send to Josh, and make her more of the romantic heroine. But something strange switches in Marlowe when she starts spending time with the one guy whom she cannot figure out.

The Space Between Us – Melanie Summers

Out now!

Space Between Us by Melanie Summers. A book cover art of a man and woman in a planetarium.

The Space Between Us is a STEM enemies-to-lovers romance. Gwen Fox, a SETI researcher, tries to listen through the extraterrestrial signals. However, the whole project is about to get bulldozed by their billionaire backer, Ty Sterling. She has to go on her own adventure, traveling to Peru to change his mind and save her life’s work. They hate each other, but what happens next is somehow the exact opposite of what Gwen expected the trip to ensue.

The Fake Mate – Lana Ferguson

Out now!

Fake Mate by Lana Ferguson. A blond woman in scrubs holding a stethoscope to a black-haired man in a lab coat, wolf tracks running around the doctors office.

Fake Mate is a paranormal romantic comedy, placed in STEM, about two wolf shifters who must pretend to be “mates.” Mackenzie Carter is a doctor just out of her residency. However, she is sick of her grandmother’s obsession with finding her the perfect mate when she hasn’t had even one successful date. At the same time, Noah Taylor, a cardiologist and an Alpha, has to find himself a mate fast. This grumpy meets sunshine takes a turn when their fake-mate turns into a friends-with-benefits and slowly turns into something more.

Bride – Ali Hazelwood

Out now!

Want to hear another book that includes omegaverse knotting when no one asked for it? Read this book! I read this the day it came out and devoured the entire book in a day! Although it is not technically “STEM romance,” the main character is a hacker/software engineer and is constantly coding.

Bride by Ali Hazelwood. A book cover art of a vampyre woman (Misery) in a white edding pantsuit and a silver eyed werewolf (Lowe) behind her.

Bride is about Misery, the daughter of the high Vampyre councilman, who’s been arranged into a marriage with an Alpha Werewolf. She is sent to maintain a political alliance between the species; however, that is not her reason for agreeing. Though she has been an outcast her entire life, Misery is a risktaker who will even go up against her Alpha Werewolf husband, Lowe Moreland, if it means protecting the only thing she cares about.

We Want More!

STEM romance is one of my favorite genres, and I want to see more of it in the upcoming years. We need more intense goals and intellectual main characters with a go-getter attitude, realizing they’re actually love-sick dummies. Reading someone so articulate lose their words at the sight of the other is just adorableness! We need more of it! And I can’t wait for the STEM romances to come in the following years.

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