Wonderful Romances That Actually Have Healthy Communication

Tired of miscommunication in your romance books? Here’s a few reads with healthy communication between the romantic couple to make you fall in love.

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There’s nothing worse than sitting down to read a good romance book only to realize the climactic conflict is the main duo misunderstanding each other. While the miscommunication trope has its place, sometimes a healthy couple that can communicate is all you really need. To celebrate Effective Communications Month, here are a few book recommendations where the main couple has healthy communication.

1. What If You & Me by Roni Loren: Healthy Communication Overcoming Trauma


What If You & Me follows Andi’s journey to deal with her anxiety as she falls in love with her next-door neighbor. Her neighbor, Hill, is a former firefighter who’s struggling with his identity after an accident on the job. If you want a deeper story where the protagonists do communicate, it’s worth picking up.

2. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne: Workplace Banter without Too Much Drama


Lucy and Joshua are enemies at the same workplace. If you enjoy banter and passive-aggressive quips, this is the book for you. They’re both battling for the same promotion and regardless of how their fight ends, they resolve it without miscommunication becoming a pivotal plot point.

3. Built to Last by Erin Hahn: Healthy Communication on Set


If you want a childhood, friends-to-lovers with healthy communication, pick up Built to Last. This romance follows the female lead Shelby, a former childhood star and now vintage furniture repairer, as she reconnects with her old co-star Cameron. When they’re cast together on a home renovation show, they reignite old sparks. Besides the cuteness of how they met, the way they fall in love makes it even better.

4. The Matchmaker by Catherine Walsh: Small Town Love Story


Love small-town romances? Then check out The Matchmaker. Katie lives in a small Irish village, and she cherishes her town, especially the pub where her parents met. Until Callum arrives with a plan to build a new hotel that’ll demolish the town’s pub. As Katie plots to save the pub and learns more about Callum in the process, a rivalry turns into a relationship. Despite their differences, the couple promotes healthy communication throughout the book.

5. The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams: Celebrity Dating without the Fuss


Bree is in love with her long-time best friend, Nathan. The problem? He’s a famous NFL player and sees her as strictly a good friend. But when Bree gets a little too drunk and spills her feelings to a reporter, a viral video has the world wondering if they would be the perfect match. If you like fake dating tropes and sporty themes, try this one. Even with their relationship in the public eye, they keep healthy communication with each other.

6. Funny Feelings by Tarah DeWitt: Healthy Communication with Laughs


Farley is a standup comedian with a growing career—and a growing romantic interest in her manager, Meyer. She’s too scared to confess her amorous feelings since he’s done so much for her career and has been such a good friend. So Farley doesn’t want to ruin what they already have. But when an opportunity arises for a fake dating situation, the feelings Farley tries to hide become a little too real. So if you enjoy fake dating, dual POV, and standup comedy, add this to your TBR.

7. Tis The Season for Revenge by Morgan Elizabeth: Romance for the Holidays


If you’d like a more steamy read, Tis The Season for Revenge is the perfect fit. Abbie was certain she would marry Richard, the man she was dating for four years. But when he tragically dumps her because she wasn’t serious enough, she’s looking for revenge. So she starts dating the boss at Richard’s law firm— Damien. Yet what was supposed to be a casual relationship to get on Richard’s nerves becomes more serious. Abbie might’ve found her new match instead.

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