7 Swoon-Worthy Single Dad Romances That Will Satisfy Your Heart

I love a good romance, but there is something particularly satisfying about a single dad romance that gets me every time. Check out these 7 books!

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We romance book lovers know there are a plethora of romance subgenres sure to soothe any craving. One of my favorite between-series reads is a single-dad romance novel. They’re typically standalones, which makes them perfect palette cleaners, especially as most are more on the lighter side. There are plenty of themes are tropes to choose from, too. From sexy billionaire to small-town handyman and forced proximity to nanny for hire, you’ll be able to find a single dad romance that’s just right for you. 

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Runaway Love by Melanie Harlow


This single-dad romance checks some serious boxes: small town, nanny needed, runaway bride, city girl stuck in the country, grumpy and possessive MMC. I mean, what more could you want? Ah yes, throw in some sass and witty commentary, and you’ve got one helluva romance novel.

Our FMC, Veronica, found out on her wedding day about her fiance cheating. Kicking him to the curb was the right move, but now she’s stuck jobless and homeless since she ran away. Austin is a single father of two, holding down the family business, and his sister can no longer nanny for him. Read along as this sunshine FMC brings out the sexy possessiveness in this grumpy dad.

Black Roses by Samantha Christy


This one is an emotional heavy hitter. She’s a traveler—staying away from her family and the place that ruined her—come home for her sister’s wedding. He’s a pro-sports athlete with a sweetheart of a daughter and trust issues regarding women. Our enemies-to-lovers couple has both experienced traumas that have their walls built high. Though, as with any good ETL, the pair find their way, healing the others’ hurts and finding a unique love all their own. 

Cross My Heart by Avery Maxwell


Avery Maxwell presents a small-town billionaire single dad of three adorable kiddos seeking a competent nanny who won’t quit on him and his kids. In walks Lanie, who takes over, soothing the baby and giving the eldest a snack even before her interview. She’s not intimidated by his gruff demeanor, and he’s fascinated by her heart. But, there’s a clock on how long she’s staying. Can he convince her to stay, and as more than just the nanny who brightens his world?

Single Dads Club by Therese Beharrie


This beauty just dropped on June 6th, and it is…SOOO GOOD! In a refreshing take on gender roles, Beharrie gives us an introverted, highly self-conscious single dad who just wants his son to experience family the way it should be. Rowan meets Delilah, a bankrupt heiress now barista in his new hometown of Sugarbush Bay, South Africa. Delilah introduces Rowan to the other single dads in the area, helps him navigate fatherhood, and slowly falls for this sweet man. 

Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann


Board Certified Music Therapist, an attorney with an autistic son, and an eviction gone terribly wrong encompass the broad realities of this heart-thumping romance. Flint has space above his law office to rent; Ellen seemed like the perfect respectable applicant until the music blaring throughout the place was less appealing than he expected. When he goes to hand over the eviction notice, he’s unprepared for the connection between Ellen and his autistic son. Sparks fly, emotions run high, and the HEA is sweet!

Hook Shot by Kennedy Ryan


This author slam dunks romance every time! I cannot get enough of her sultry writing! In Hook Shot, a down-on-his-luck professional basketball player moves to NYC to follow the mother of his child and finds an unexpected love. He doesn’t trust women after his experiences, and she’s trying to heal from a SA incident that left her depressed and suicidal. Can they work through their issues and find a romance like no other?

Forbidden by Kayla Sorenson 


This beauty has a sports theme, age gap, workplace romance, and the grump with a sweet side only for those he cares for. Former MMA fighter Aiden buys out Isabel’s gym, the gym she first met Aiden at when she was younger. She’s been infatuated since. Aiden has a little girl to think about, and Isabel is far too young for him, but that doesn’t stop him from fantasizing about her. This angsty novel is slow-burn at its finest. Snag this one for that TBR pile of yours. 

There is just something undeniably swoon-worthy about a single dad finding happiness and making his family whole. Was your favorite SDR on this list? If not, let us know what one we should read!

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