Remarkable Irish Folklore Collections That Will Enchant Your Child

Looking for a new magical bedtime story for your child? They will love some of Ireland’s iconic folklore collections!

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three various Irish folklore books surrounded by fairies, all in front of a magical looking forest.

Ahh, classic fairytales. What child doesn’t love a good old princess tale before bedtime? Or maybe it’s the oldish story of a big bad wolf or three little pigs. There are countless fairytales we have grown to love and adore, but sometimes those stories can feel a little repetitive. An example is Disney fairytales. Though we all love Disney and the magic their stories bring, what about the thousands of extraordinary narratives from real places? Every country has its own ghostly folklore conveying its creativity and history, and one of the most fascinating places to find hidden folklore gems is the Celtic land of Ireland.

Ireland has a wealth of unimaginable fairytales to discover. These cherished tales share some of Ireland’s core elements, even though some may be a little outdated for children because of their horrifying endings. But there are plenty of beloved Irish folktales that could be the newest bedtime story for you or the family! These stories are well-defined, immensely loved, and can bring you to tears from their ironic amusements.

Tales of Irish Enchantment by Patricia Lynch

Various folkoric characters of Ireland with a background of a castle and trees.

With over one hundred and fifty pages of classic Irish folklore, Tales of Irish Enchantment from the influential children’s writer Patricia Lynch is an enchanting book filled with unforgettable retold Irish legends. These well-aged tales are told with a strong voice of passion for Irish legends, and your children will not get enough of Lynch’s fabulous storytelling. If your child is looking for classic and well-cherished stories to mix up their bedtime, this is the perfect book for them!

Irish Tales of Mystery and Magic and Defiant Irish Women by Edmund Lenihan

Various folkloric legends standing on top of a hill with magical potion floating away.

Lenihan will have your children on the floor from laughter with his onbeat storytelling. Stuffed with many beloved Irish folktales, Irish Tales of Mystery and Magic’s collection will touch your heart with its ancient heroic tales Ireland has held dearly for centuries. Lenihan’s versions of these folktales will be a popular read for kids who are looking for an imaginative adventure, and parents will love them too! Plus, Alan Clarke’s funky illustrations add an extra twist to these classic tales.

If you are looking for more stories from Lenihan, check out Defiant Irish Women, a fantastic chapter book twist that follows five historical women in Irish legends.

Back view of a person facing towards a group of roses.

These tales are more than just historically enchanting, their significance in empowering womanhood is quite inspiring and are not to be missed. This book meant a lot to me as a full-grown adult, especially its opening from Lenihan himself. I strongly encourage you to check out this book for your child, especially for any girls out there who feel a little lost in their gal-power and need a little encouragement on their female importance.

Young Fionn: Small Kid, Big Legend by Ronan Moore

A young child fighting a large, red dragon with smoke coming out of its mouth.

This 2020 chapter book tells the tale of one of the most famous legends from Ireland’s folklore: Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Follow Fionn and his adventure around Ireland and watch his growth of becoming Ireland’s greatest hero. Though the road may be tricky to navigate, Fionn will uncover well-loved Irish legends such as The Salmon of Knowledge and the Dragon of Tara. Your child will LOVE Fionn and his transition into becoming Ireland’s most Iconic Folkloric leader.

West of Ireland Folktales for Children by Rab Fulton and Marina Wild 

A person sitting on a field with cows behind them and a small bug painting a picture next to his feet.

Retold by the fantastic storyteller Rab Fulton, these West of Ireland folktales will be a fan favorite in your household. Ever wonder what the legend of the Pooka is? Want more magical stories about Irish fairies? This book is perfect for children who are fans of mythical creatures and the magic of legendary brutes. Plus, the illustrations from Marina Wild are absolutely breathtaking and will paint the stories’ enchantment for you! If you are looking for beings of mystery and mishap, this is the perfect collection of stories you will not want to miss. 

Magic Celtic Tales by Una Leavy and Fergal O’Connor

Image of a person thinking with a twisted castle on a hill sitting behind them.

Extremely well-written and retold, Una Leavy will take you on a journey of pure imaginative stories you will never forget. Full of fairies, dragons, and iconic Irish folkloric tales, this collection of stories is one of the best in mythical Irish history. Not to mention the powerful skills of Leavy’s illustrator, Fergal O’Connor. The illustrations are jaw-dropping and connect greatly to the well-cherished stories shared. This is a fantastic collection of stories. I recommend picking up a copy for your family fast.

Though these recommendations are few, there are thousands more fantastic Irish legends you will not want to miss. These Celtic legends are some of Ireland’s best creations, and if you are curious to learn more about Ireland’s historical fairytales, check out more in the Bookstr collection!

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