Bully Me If You Can: How A Victim is Romanced?

Bully Me If You Can is a high school Webtoon when the bully falls for their victim. Can they reflect on their past actions? Will the bullied accept their mistakes and fall for them?

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With many Webtoons, the high school setting is the ideal storyteller. With school starting, several reads dive into high school life. The first Webtoon we recommend for this September is Bully Me If You Can. Creator Andrian Janvar Adilia updates their work at least twice every month.

Bully Me If You Can: Plot


What if the victim of bullying suddenly becomes the ideal stereotype of ‘attractive’? Do you still want to bully him? Or will it be a new issue for the victim? Arthur has had enough of his torment at school. He decided to exercise and lose weight. No more body shaming anymore. But something happened that changed his high school life forever.

Meet The Bullied and Bully



Arthur was a bit chubby, but someone’s body shouldn’t be the focal point for bullying. Since the harmful societal norm for bodies considered “attractive” is skinny, many of his classmates called him meat buns, an intolerable form of body shaming. One girl, in particular, was the bane of his existence. Elsa was constantly calling him meat buns. Who knew that a delicious food could be twisted into an insult? He decided to make a change and lose some weight. What turned out to be the best decision has now led to the oddest behavior from his enemy.



Elsa is a loud and proud bully. She is cold, and her main target is Arthur. She uses him like a punching bag and has her two friends beat him up. She enjoys calling him meat buns, insulting his weight, and making his high school life hell. Even with a strict father who puts her down, is this any excuse to treat someone terribly? Whether that is the motivation by her behavior, suddenly she is awwed by a new student in their class. Will she change her horrible ways?

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