A Tale About Stephen King’s New ‘Fairy Tale’

From within his imagination, the myth, the legend, the one and only, Stephen King released a new book!

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Before we get right into the meat and magic- How do you feel about a story that not only has heart but elements of fantasy and an epic quest to boot? Combine all of those, and you’d find yourself facing something like Fairy Tale, a new book released by none other than the myth, the legend, the one, and only Stephen King.


Stephen King’s latest epic quest novel was released on September 6th, 2022. The story follows a seventeen-year-old boy named Charlie Reade, who comes across as your normal high schooler- exceptional at baseball and football, does pretty decent in classes, and what have you. However, he’s reeling from the death of his mom, who lost her life in a car accident. The same goes for his father, whose grief from his wife drove him to drink.

He eventually meets a man named Howard Bowditch and his dog, Radar, and both of them live in a gigantic house sitting at the top of a hill, with a locked shed found in the backyard. However, the biggest secret only Bowditch knows so far is that the shed is a gateway to another world. Good goes against an overwhelmingly evil, and Charlie and Radar must lead the fight.

It’s a new book with an intriguing premise, especially one where it involves delving into another world. Although I might not get to the book soon because of my seemingly endless “to-be-read” list, just know that as I write this sentence, I’ve added this one to the list!

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