‘Magic Soda Pop’, A Webtoon Where You Gain Powers, For A Price

A supernatural Webtoon that navigates friendship and expectations. ‘Magic Soda Pop’ is about three girls who form a friendship through magic soda that helps them with their high school issues.

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When it comes to being a teenager, expectations are put upon us to be the best. When you went to high school, college, or had a job, there was a drive to be accepted by your peers and family. Magic Soda Pop is a Webtoon that uses this feeling to create a supernatural narrative that many wish was real. Creator Raul Trevino puts you in a world where learning new skills are easy with one sip.

Magic Soda Pop: Take a Sip of this Plot


Alaina is the new girl at Redmerrow High School and she wants to make new friends and stand out. When she discovers a magic soda that can give her powers, one sip leads to another and another. But there are consequences to each dose of soda. Will Alaina be able to get herself dry or will she lose it all to the fizzy magic?

Meet the Girls!



Alaina’s mom has them constantly moving because of her chemist job so it’s hard for Alaina to make friends that stick. With connections coming and going, she feels that she lacks certain talents that make her approachable and fun. When arriving in this small town, already she felt like a complete outsider. Her interest in swimming was an opportunity to make new friends, but everyone is too busy idolizing the popular swimmer Wendy who is good at everything. Sick of being unnoticeable she stumbles on a somehow impossible secret.



Wendy’s parents have high expectations. They want her to be the best and to never stop pushing herself. She isn’t even interested in half the stuff she does, all she knows is that she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents. So she takes these magic sodas before each club activity and becomes a professional. When it comes to swimming and dancing she is seen as this amazing athlete who can’t lose. She has used the sodas in any way she can whether it’s to excel in academics or participate in another club. She thought her secret soda was safe until she realized the new girl is somehow able to compete with her. When finding out there’s another girl who could be taking the sodas, she strives to find out how and to still be the best.



Jolene is a bit of an underdog. She is part of the ‘unpopular crowd’ as she calls it. But meeting Alaina has given her a friend. With her household having financial issues she decides to secretly get a job. Her little sister is very sick and needs special medication and she will do whatever it takes to help. Although her mother is always telling her to worry about her studies, she feels that her mother can’t do this alone. When Alaina tells her about a secret soda that can help her excel in class and multitask, she was skeptical. But once she got one for herself, she was amazed at how crazy the results were.

Soda Conclusion

With all girls in the know about the soda, they each come to an understanding of their needs for it. But as Wendy has mentioned there are special side effects that occur with each soda. When you keep getting the sodas, the consequences can be bigger and longer lasting. How far will each girl go for the sake of their family and themselves?

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