BookTok: Short and Dark Books

The days are dreary, but doesn’t that make you want to balance it out with a good dark book? Here on BookTok we recommend three great books to get you started.

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It is getting darker earlier day by day. Doesn’t that make you want to dive into some dark worlds? Today on BookTok we are taking a look at some dark, short books that are reminiscent of the days we are experiencing. @bookrvws on TikTok recommends us these 3 great, sad reads that go well with the current mood we collectively experience.

Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh

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This novel is about a girl trapped between caring for her alcoholic father and her job as a secretary at an all-male prison. Eileen only dreams of escaping the city. In the meantime, her days are spent shoplifting and picking up after her father’s messes.

The Dinner by Herman Koch

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This is a story about two brothers named Paul and Serge, and their wives Claire and Babette. They all meet for dinner at a swanky restaurant in Amsterdam. Each couple has a 15-week old son, and we come to discover that the dinner has been arranged to discuss an alarming act that has been conducted by the two sons.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

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This book revolves around the life of a journalist named Camille who returns to her hometown of Wind Gap. She is returning to cover the story of the death of two girls. She does not want to return to this dreadful town, but she only gives in to make her boss happy. This book was inspired by Mystic River, which deals with violence, self-harm, and dysfunctional families.

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