Five Mind, Body, Wellness Books We Recommend for Your Health

Today on International Mind and Body Wellness Day, we have five book recommendations to help with your mind and body be more positve and beneificial for health.

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It’s a new year which means mind, body, wellness should be our main focus. Today is International Mind and Body Wellness Day. Let’s remind ourselves that its a new year in 2022. We all need to focus on our health and wellness. Here are five books that can be read by adults and young adults alike. Let’s take care of ourselves and try out these recommendations.

1. Just as You Are by Michelle Skeen PsyD and Kelly Skeen


Teens feel pressured to standards that are unrealistic. Everyone strives for perfection. It’s a never ending comparrison. We are our worst critics. The innder critics prevents happiness. Psychologist Michelle Skeen and her daugther Kelly Skeen offer tips that are simple and we can use to overcome our lack of self confidence. If you are feeling unworthy, comparison, low self esteem; focus on the tips and advice to understand your thoughts anf feelings. I’ts time to build an action plan.

2. More Than a Body by Lexie Kite and Lindsay Kite PhDs


A reminder that your body is good how it looks.

Have you stayed off social media recently, passed judgment and negative feelings toward your body? We live in a beauty-obsessed world and our happy health depends on our looks. With this book you will recieve insight through nmerous amounts of research, and a potential action plan and skills to help you let go of self- objectification and body image. You will learn resilience from empty promises of the media and beauty industries. Their advice is practice and powerful and will help you self reflect on past behaviors and thoughts.

3. Mind, Body, Soul by Precious Carson


A compiled first collection of poems that depict mental health and social issues based on Carson’s experience. This insight can help us relate and understand our own lives. It’s raw and realisitc; and looks into the depth of Carson’s mind. You can get hope, motivation and inspiration from these wonderful poems.

4. Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body by Jo Marchant


We accept stress and anxiety easily. Recent research by scientists from various fileds have evidence that promote thoughts, emotions, beleifs, can ease pain and heal the mind and body. Award winner science writer Marchant travels the world to meet patients, physicians, and researches of new world medicine that can help our overall health.

5. Love Your Body by Jessica Sanders


What if every girl loved her body? This book encourages to admire your body and the capabilties it has. Language of self-love and self-care are a huge part of this book. Let’s celebrate the diverse bodies of the world. This is a great guide for children and can be taken into account by all ages of how to navigate this crazy image-obsessed world.

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