Bookstr Team Predictions: The Best 2024 Hilarious Book Trends

Who knows what 2024 will bring, but we at Bookstr have a few predictions of our own. Read on for a good laugh and to see our bookish predictions for 2024.

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blue crystal ball with 2024 in it surrounded by blue light

2024 is filled with bookish potential, so we at Bookstr have taken it upon ourselves to predict what will happen in the book community! Read on to see our picks.

More Cat Books Will Dominate Every Genre!

If we thought witches and vampires were the dominant species coming out every few years or so, wait until 2024 hits with this feline craze! Seriously, cats are like witches and vampires rolled into one furry creature. They are mystical, graceful, alluring, and one look into their hypnotizing crystal ball eyes will have you mesmerized and doing what they say at the snap of a paw! They will rule our books as they rule our worlds.

Brown striped cat wearing blue sweater vest and button up laying on top of open books with a pair of glasses beside them

So 2024, be prepared to be bombarded with a slew of books featuring all things cats! I wouldn’t be surprised if they were already working behind the scenes in every publishing house, in every book agency, in every distribution company to get a jump on the new year. Keep your eyes peeled, guys. Those cats are truly crafty!

– Quiarah B/Vphan, Editorial

Cracking Hardcover Book Spines Will Become a Punishable Offense

hardcover book cracked open with a broken blue spine

It’s about time we recognized this crime against book-kind and did something to put an end to it. Even though cracking spines might make hardcover books easier to read, I can’t help but cringe every time I see a hardcover with a broken spine. There’s truly no sadder sight to see than those poor sagging spines. If there’s any justice in the world, this sin will be recognized as the unlawful act it is and treated as such in 2024!

– Lauren, Editorial

Release Dates Will Become Nationally Recognized Holidays

woman reading while holding up cup of coffee while laying in bed

The importance of the new releases cannot be overestimated. Mental health will be greatly elevated as readers can immediately read the sequels they’ve anticipated for far too long. Cliffhanger syndrome will be the leading rallying point of all bookworms to enact this most momentous of holiday celebrations.

– Kristi Eskew, Editorial

Libraries Change No-Talking Rule To Be As Loud As You Want

Woman singing into a microphone in front of a crowd waving their hands around with a bookcase behind her

Who doesn’t hate silent libraries? Do you ever walk into a library and think about yelling as loud as you can just to see what happens? Imagine if you could actually do that. Libraries should be changed into silent-free areas! We should be able to walk right in and scream at the top of our lungs! We should be able to throw a few parties and make that quiet, calm space into the loudest, funkiest spot in town!

– Erin Ewald, Editorial

More Equestrian Romance Novels That Aren’t Cowboy Romance

Couple leans into each other in a green pasteur while a woman jumping a horse is pictured above them

I love horses and people falling in love over their shared love of horses. I have nothing against cowboy romance, but I grew up riding English, not Western. I can’t entirely relate to cowboy romance. I want a character who’s a combination of Parker Townsend (The Thoroughbred Series) and Douglas Dunn (Girls and Their Horses). That’s my Fifty Shades Of Grey, Dapple Grays, Bays, Buckskins, Appaloosas, etc. LOL!! Wink Wink! I could go on, but we’d be here for a very looong time. We need more books like Canterwood Crest Academy by Jessica Burkhardt, The Thoroughbred Series created by Joanna Cambell, and Girls and Their Horses by Eliza Jane Brazier.

– Christina H, Graphics

Hardback Books Will Come With Free Ebook Download

A stack of books besides a black circle advertising a buy one get one book sale

Hardbacks are beautiful and look so amazing on a shelf, but they are expensive…and heavy. To help combat both issues, a QR code will be added to each book (inside the dust jacket — because we don’t want those to mar the beautiful graphics) that will link you to your free download. Now, when it’s time to go to bed, there’s no need for a heavy book or a light to be on. You can just switch to the ebook and pick up where you left off!

– Kristi Eskew, Editorial

Children’s Book Level Up

A boy kicks a soccer ball outside with a smile as the words bye bye wifi rest above his head in the sky

Gone are the days of The Tortoise Vs. The Hare: who wants their kids running around the house all day, breaking furniture, and giving you a migraine? Goodbye, Harold and the Purple Crayon: a story that encourages your kids to draw on the walls? Why would they write that? Say Hello to the next great slate of Children’s books with an emphasis on real-world problems. Enjoy such classics as What Are Taxes? Is This Dishwasher Safe? And who can forget Where Does WiFi Come From? These heartwarming tales throw your child into the deep end of the pool with hard-hitting questions, exposing our youngest readers to the brutal realities of the adult world so they can destroy their enemies and maximize profits before Kindergarten!

– Sam Zimmermann, Script-Writer

Lose A Book And Pay The Price

Light post with flyer depicting red missing library book with tear away phone numbers at the bottom

Gone are the days of you lending out a book and never seeing it again! 2024 will ensure that any guilty party who loses another person’s book will be charged and fined! Violators can appeal this dispute by replacing the book, but failure to do so will require them to supply the wronged with bookstore gift cards. This new law will ensure that no more personal libraries take hits from the bookishly negligent.

– Koren Frideres, Social

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