Bookstr Predictions: Bookish Trends We Think We’ll See in 2024

2024 is almost upon us! But before it comes, we at Bookstr have some predictions about the new year’s bookish trends!

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Someone reading a book surrounded by tall stacks of books

The new year is coming, and with it, new trends! The publishing and bookish worlds are no exception, and it’s exciting to think about as it gets closer. Will they be good? Bad? Scary? We’ll have to wait and see!

I asked the Bookstr team what their bookish trend predictions for 2024 were, and they delivered! Let us know what yours are!

More Books with Maps or Illustrations

Map of the land of Oz.

I love to see the author’s point of view of how they see their work. Having maps and illustrations helps me see their overall vision of the world and the characters they created. Plus, they make the books even more beautiful!

  • Kendall, Graphics

Illustrations and Personality

Front and back covers of 'Court of the Vampire Queen' by Katee Robert showing a woman's lower face and neck on the front and hands on the back

Recently, more books are adding cute details to the start of each chapter, like the Dreamland Billionaires series by Lauren Asher. I am obsessed with these features! Katee Robert’s Court of Vampire Queen has a detailed graphic of the protagonists at the start of each act. These are things I live for and hope to see more of in 2024!

  • Kristi Eskew, Editorial

More Chapter Titles

Table of contents showing chapters 6 through 16 of 'The Lightning Thief' book

Chapter titles are popular in children’s books, but they aren’t common in YA or adult genres. They aren’t necessary, sure, but I think they make navigating the book easier. I’m more likely to remember “The Dragon Befriends the Knight” than “Chapter 17.” Plus, it gives authors a chance to mess with readers’ expectations or to set up foreshadowing.

  • Danielle, Editorial

More Novellas Please!

Someone sitting in bed reading a book

In 2023, I read a few novellas and ended up falling in love with the format! They’re great low-commitment reads for when you want to breeze through a story in a day, or you’re burnt out from reading 500-page novels. Although longer novels are definitely in fashion at the moment, I’d love to see more authors embrace shorter-form storytelling. Novellas are also a great way to get a taste for an author’s writing style before diving into their longer work, so I’m manifesting a bunch of new novella releases in 2024! If the success of popular novellas like Martha Wells’s The Murderbot Diaries series is anything to go by, readers are definitely ready for more short-form fiction.

  • Lauren, Editorial

More Poetry!

'The Golden Treasury of Poetry' book resting on scattered papers

I am a huge fan of poetry, and I absolutely love books that include a few poetic lines or just plain poetry books. I feel like I have not seen a lot of popular poetry books in the last year or so, and I am eager to read mountains of more poetry! I will be keeping my eyes peeled for any new poetry books in the new year; fingers crossed for loads!

  • Erin Ewald, Editorial

New Adult Adds More Fantasy to the Genre

A book in the sky showing a forest and river with water spilling from the book like a waterfall

I’m seeing more fantasy titles crop up in New Adult. Before, it was a niche genre strictly focused on contemporary romances. Lately, with the added romance elements, the genre branched into fantasy and has gotten a lot more attention. It was thought that the genre would fizzle and fade away. I’m glad, though, that it hasn’t. So, I predict more NA fantasies are on their way in 2020, especially epic and high fantasies.

  • Quiarah B/Vphan, Editorial

More Accepting Community for Smut

A blue cloud bookmark with someone covering their face with a book and the bottom says "Go away I'm reading smut"

There’s definitely been a turn in the tide on Booktok for the smut-loving community. Everyone loves Dark Romance, and I think this trend will continue to expand and become more popular in the mainstream of things. Smut’s fun, fresh, and hella spicy. Want love? Want Romance? Want physical affection through words? Want a wild imagination? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Give readers the SMUT!

  • Sierra, Editorial

More Adaptations of Series

A yellow TV filled with books instead of a screen

I predict that there will be a new wave of series adaptations. Although there are a lot of series set to get adaptations, I predict that this is only the beginning as producers see the success of previous adaptations like Outlander and Bridgerton. I fearfully admit that some of these upcoming adaptations will be way less than perfect, but I can only hope for the best.

  • Koren Frideres, Editorial and Social

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