Blood of an Angel: A Mystical Count, a Police Officer Investigation

Ready for a mystical count who speaks to the dead and a police officer with healing abilities to work together solving crimes? Read Webtoon Blood of an Angel.

Crimes shows with police officer, FBI, or any mystery solving figures, rely on the facts and logical explanation. What if there was a mystical twist that is unexplainable, that you have to see to maybe believe? The Webtoon Blood of an Angel gives you a crime investigation that deals with mystical creatures from unknown worlds. Creator Maya Azarni every Friday or every other Friday, go check it out!

Blood of an Angel: Crime Plot


A mystical story about a young count who isn’t going to accept his special essense, origins. He is trying to save his sister from herself, or whatever is causing her distress, a twisted cruel fate he can’t control. A young woman who is investigating murders that are tied to creatures beyond human comprehension. Can they both work together to solve crimes that can lead to destruction of humanity?

Meet the Investigators

Count Victor


Victor is a very blunt person. His goal is to protect his sister by any means necessary. When he hears of a human carrying angel blood, he doesn’t hesitate to find them. When he discovers the identity of a police officer, he already sets his mind to kill her and use the blood. However, there are two options: find the sword of the dead, a sword that supposedly can kill anything powerful, or have the victim be killed by the love of their entire heart. When he discovers that both are impossible, he comes to the conclusion to join her investigation and make her fall deeply in love with him.



Her life is solving crimes and getting justice. With her brother who passed away, she doesn’t look out for herself much. She is too deep into cases to face those past emotions. Her only companion is her friend Vaselina, who takes care of her. Aurora knows she’s different, she can heal instantly whenever she is injured. She keeps that to herself and dives head first into criminal investigations. However, there is a new assignment and a new rookie who wants them to date. Why? To top it all off he seems odd, different. When she sees something unexplainable she doesn’t know what to believe. Can she solve the case using his unethical methods?



A loyal servent to Victor, who has abilities only a dog possesses. He can sniff out anything the count Victor needs. He is usually an asset within the investigation and hates being called a dog by Merlin.



Merlin is stuck in the form of a cat. He doesn’t have a master to serve. He stays by count Victor’s side because he knows him well. He can speak human language in his cat form.

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