‘To Be Ordinary!’: Two Outcasts with Odd Conditions, One Friendship

To Be ordinary! is a Webtoon high school drama about two teens with odd conditions. They find friendship with each other and create a normal high school life.

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I think we can all agree that many kids and teens get bullied because of being different. If there is a slight abnormalitiy that you can’t control or even a difference of opinion, you become a target. This newest Webtoon shows that, with two teenagers with odd conditions. Yet, they find solace in each other. To be Ordinary! is a drama comic that you can’t miss! Creator kkanaria updates every Saturday, so explore the friendship and the battles they must face to have a normal high school life.

To Be Ordinary! Plot


Sang has prosopagnosia, he sturggles as having a normal school experience. It’s hard to make friend when everyone looks like an egg, literally. Everyone has an egg head and he can’t tell who is who. Only one person he can recognize and that’s Woojeong, a girl who has trouble fitting in because of her voice. Their goal is to be ordinary and suddenly form an unexpected friendship.

Meet the Classmates

Sang Jeong


Sang has prosopagnosia, a face blindness. Everyone looks like eggs. There may be some distinct features he can make out, such as objects, colors and whatnot. However, he can’t see their face at all. With a reputation as a psychotic bully due to a huge school fight misundetstanding, everyonoe steers clear from him. He just wants to experience what any other high school student would do. So, when he finally sees someone’s true face, he beleives its a sign and wants answers. Can he make his first friend and see them too?

Woojeong Kim


Woojeong’s voice is very deep, so people assume she’s a boy. Worse case scenario, they think she’s a weirdo dressing up as a girl. However, she keeps her head down, and doesn’t use her voice now that she’s in high school. She can fight and pulls off a male high school uniform with ease. But she wants to be seen as feminine. She tries to do a super high pitch.

She doesn’t have any friends, she has pushed her good friend Yebeun, but they aren’t that close anymore. Her goal is to have a normal high school life without anyone hearing her voice. But when the dangerous new kid approaches her, she is terrified about his motive. What’s worse, he has figured out her secret, but doesn’t judge her? With this new discovery of Sang, she wonders if she can finally have a friend who understands.

Yebeun Na


The most popular and seen as the beautiful queen of high school. She used to be best friends with Woojeong but when she discovered her voice, and tried to reassure her, Woojeong just left her. She has always gotten attention, in middle school, and kindergarden. When she sees her childhood crush, Sang, the guy who never called her pretty or noticed her; she goes on a bit of a jealous rage when her crush and old best friend start to hang out. However, she is just bitter by both of their actions in the past.

She secretly hates popularity and wishes she can have her friend back and have her crush finally see her.

Yangin Tae


The current top dog of the infamous boxing club. Only the best fighters are in the boxing club. They torment the school’s weaklings. Yangin hears the rumors of Sang’s fighting skills and wants to beat him. However, Sang just sees an annoying red egg head who wants to fight. He wants to prove to himself that he is indestructable, and provokes Sang. However, when a new player enters the ring, beating up his comrads, he wonders who that person with the box over their head is.



He is someone who knew Sang before. He might’ve been one of the bullies from Sang’s old school. He is a great fighter at the boxing club. He usually wears a black mask to cover most of his face. His attitude is stoic, more of an observer with an ulterior motive. He is mostly curious about Woojeong.

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