BBC Is Slated To Release an ‘Oliver Twist’ Prequel

It’s time for an old story with a new twist to take the stage! Here comes ‘Oliver Twist’!

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Tara Conlan, writer for The Guardian, published an article detailing how the BBC would be publishing a ten-episode prequel series inspired by Charles Dickens’ book Oliver Twist. This spin-off series would follow the Artful Dodger and crime-lord Fagin, according to Conlan, and it would also alter the presentations of certain characters–like Nancy–to provide viewers with a new version of the classic story.

Rhys Thomas and Lucy Montgomery, the writers for the 10 part series, have updated parts of this new prequel series for a contemporary audience not just to create something new, but to also present a story that would welcome families who want to watch the series together.

Ultimately, according to Conlan, one of the main goals of this new series is to create a story that will be relatable for all viewers, but it is also to highlight the food poverty that several British children might be experiencing at this point in time–especially with the usage of foodbanks being at an all-time high in Britain right now. According to Thomas: “We wanted to make something that’s really inclusive that everyone watching can identify with. You’ve got the Malory Towers kids going off to a fancy school and that’s one life and that’s fine, but this is a different world where I think kids watching this today, it resonates with them.” Thomas’s personal experience growing up in a family that didn’t have a great deal of money was something that impacted how he approached this series as well.

Though the release date for this series has not been announced, this promises a new take on an old classic. Stay tuned!

Featured image via The Times