Novae: Romance and Love Beyond the Stars

Ready for a romance that is beyond the stars and galaxy? ‘Novae’ is a romance Webtoon that showcases astronomy and magic-wielding. Are you ready for the fantasy and mystery?

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Novae is a Webtoon Romance comic created by KaixJu. This Webtoon has very short chapters but updates on a frequent randomly basis, so definitely keep a look out for new updates. If you enjoy astronomy, fantasy, and magic, this Webtoon is up your alley.

Novae: The Magic Astronomer Plot


Raziol is an astronomer with his heart on his sleeve. Sulvain is a kind hearted necromancer with a horrid past. His curiosity leads him to spend time with Raziol. A strong connection begins to build as they look to the sky together, discussing astronomy and possible galaxies. However, trouble lurks in the streets of Paris. When a body of an astronomer is found on the steps of the Academy of Science, it points to dark magic.

Novae Characters



Raziol Qamar was born in Hindustan and immigrated to Arabia. Then he immigrated to France when his dad became a translater. After his father’s death, he stayed in Paris and was taken in by his father’s boss Monsieur Huygens, who was an astronomer. Raziol studies astronomy and wants to be a scholar at the Academy of Science. He has passion about the stars and a wanderlust to make new discoveries of possible planets and what’s beyond the galaxy. Although very intelligent, he is inexperienced, and has a strong heart and imagination.



Sulvain still remains a mystery. We know he is a necromancer, a wielder of magic. He can sense the spirits of the departed and other forms of magical beings and forces. He doesn’t talk much. He is a world traveler and his curioisty brings him to many places. He sees the world with fresh eyes, which may explain why he is so drawn to timid yet chatty, passionate Raziol.



Viverette is a secondary character. She is a necromancer with a special way of producing magic. She has her own shop for potions and medicines; however, she secretly creates charms and spells and puts them into different kinds of insects for other fellow magical persons and supporters of magic wielders. She is a friend to Sulvain and knows of his travels and his magic.

Ready to see what the astronomer and necromancer can do behind those mysterious dark magic killings? Go to Webtoon to read the comic.

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