Amazon’s ‘The Rings of Power’ Begins Filming Season 2

The news is out. ‘The Rings of Power’ officially announced that production has begun for Season 2 at their London studio.

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RoP begins filming season 2

Things in Middle-earth keep shaking up. Amazon announced they started filming for The Rings of Power Season two at Bray Studios outside London. A new character will also being joining the cast for the second season. Here is what we know so far.

It is official. Season 2 is underway and I think we are all excited to see where Amazon takes us. The Rings of Power is a wild ride so far and I have a feeling things aren’t going to slow down anytime soon. The season two news comes days after the hit series topped two Nielsen Top 10 charts. Bringing in 1.25 billion minutes of viewing time, the show is off to a record-breaking start.

The Rings of Power Season 2
Image via Prime Video

Season 2 Started Filming

Season two, which will consist of eight episodes, is filming at Bray Studios just outside of London. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the switch to the U.K. is considered more economical and the platform plans to set up a multi-show hub there.

We know that Amazon plans to give us five seasons of the show, so it’s exciting to see that the next season is already in production. Season one is nearing the finale and we are all still trying to guess who Sauron is. It is unclear when we will see the second season of The Rings of Power, but it could be as far away as 2024. We know good things take time, but that still doesn’t lessen the wait!

The Rings of Power Season 2
Image via Prime Video

Apart from the second season beginning production, a new character will be joining the cast, but who will play them is unclear right now. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed,

“The production […] announced that a new character, Círdan (not yet cast), one of the oldest and wisest of the elves, would be joining the ensemble.”

The Hollywood Reporter

A new season, a new character, and top of the streaming charts? We couldn’t be more excited for The Rings of Power. There are only a few episodes left in the first season, so make sure to catch all new episodes of The Rings of Power Fridays on Prime.

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