A New Adaptation of “Interview With The Vampire” Is Announced at Comic-Con

This Comic-Con panel definitely introduced some very exciting news!

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Deadline writers Lynette Rice and Valerie Complex published an article discussing the most recent adaptation of Anne Rice‘s Interview With The Vampire. AMC will release this series, with Jacob Anderson playing Louis de Pointe du Lac, Sam Reid playing Lestat de Lioncourt, and Bailey Bass playing Claudia.

While the original adaptation was an over two-hour-long film, this version will be a miniseries. During the Comic-Con panel where this new series was introduced, “executive producer Mark Johnson; writer and showrunner Rolin Jones; stars Reid, Bass, Anderson and Bogosian; and production designer Mara LePere-Schloop” were all there to answer questions and also present a scene from the new series. Additionally, audience members were informed that several Easter eggs for Rice’s others works in the Vampire Chronicles series would be present in this adaptation.

They also alluded to how this book might not be the only one they adapt from Rice’s vampire universe: “The books are so fun, and so different, it’s hard to believe they are connected in that way. [Rice] is a stylistic, and thematic writer, and it’s a privilege to be involved. The Anne Rice world will go on for some time on AMC.” Could this be the start of AMC’s Vampire Chronicles universe? It’s hard to say at this point, but it is fun to imagine.

The series is set to premiere on AMC on October 2nd, 2022. We look forward to this adaptation!

Image via The Playlist