5 YA Sensual Books with Lipstick Covers

National Lipstick Day we explore sensual stories and feminist works with covers of lipsticks and pouty lips.

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National Lipstick Day is all things lipstick. Us bookworms can celebrate this day by reading a book with a Lipstick cover. I have compiled five sensual reads with lipstick smears and lips on the cover. A provocative and provoking visual to complement the reading. Lick your lips as you explore these YA stories.

1. The Empty Glass – J.I. Baker


On August 5, 1962, in LA County, deputy coroner Ben Fitzgerald arrives at the home of a famous movie star. He finds her holding a telephone in her hand – naked and dead.

When he discovers ‘The Book of Secrets,’ Marilyn Monroe’s diary, he sees she has been in a doomed love affair with a man she calls “The General.”

Soon a cover-up is revealed and he follows the story. However, he is trapped in the conspiracy and paranoid theories. With facts about Monroe, the Kennedys, Mafia, and the CIA, can Fitzgerald figure out the mystery behind the diary?

2. My Hundred Lovers – Susan Johnson


A lyrical, sensual and enigmatic story. It shows the history of one woman through her sexual experiences and relationships. She is now a woman going into her sixties and looks back on her story.

A sex-positive book on love, sexuality, physicality, and being a woman. If you want to entice yourself, read her escapades.

3. Hijab and Red Lipstick – Yousra Imran


If you ever felt part of your culture is holding you back, and you want a change, this book may inspire you.

Sara is having the typical teen experience, a strict Egyptian father who keeps telling her everything is forbidden. However, she wants to experiment with makeup, listen to Destiny’s Child, and read fashion magazines.

But living in a conservative interpretation of Islam doesn’t make it easy. When her father gets a job in the Arabian Gulf, he moves the family into a place where the patriarch is the prime ruler.

When she makes a judgment call for herself, it can tarnish the relationship she has with her dad.

This is from the point of view of a British Muslim growing up in London and the Middle East. A quest to find oneself and into life in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE.

4. New Animal – Ella Baxter


Amelia doesn’t get close to anyone; it’s always one-night stands. She just can’t seem to connect. Ever since Daniel got into an incident a year ago, she’s been stuck on the past.

She works as a cosmetician for her family’s mortuary business, although she’s good at it, she can’t deal with her emotions the same way.

When something happens to her mother, she runs away from her feelings. Literally.

When her two fathers have an intervention with her, including hilarious encounters with broken people at the Tasmanian BDSM club, she may learn how to confront the past and find a connection somewhere.

5. Yes & I Love You – Roni Loren


Miz Poppy is considered a vibrant reviewer and commenter of the New Orleans nightlife. No one knows Hollyn – the real her, her fear, or her isolation.

When her boss demands she add a video to her blogs or she’ll lose her job, Hollyn must rely on an unexpected source. However, she’ll face her fears if it means creating more content.

Aspiring actor Jasper Deares discovers that the shy woman who orders coffee every day from the cafe shop is Miz Poppy. He sees this as a golden opportunity to get media attention. So he helps her come out of her shell.

What happens when they form a connection?

Do any of these lipstick or ‘lip’ book covers pique your interest? Read them all or pick one to start. For more content on YA books or any sensual novel recommendations go to Bookstr.

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