9 Books You’ll Want To Have A Summer Fling With

The sun isn’t the only thing that’s hot this time of year!! We’ve gathered nine new romance novels that’ll keep you occupied all summer!

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We’re halfway through June and for some of us, the summer heat has already settled in (it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit for me right now!). Time to hit the beach, the movies, and spend time in the sun! For many of us, summer activities aren’t complete without a good book by our side. To properly celebrate this new season, we’ve gathered nine romance books that you will definitely want to have a fling with this summer!

The Unsinkable Greta James by Jennifer E. Smith

The Unsinkable Greta James

Greta James has worked hard to make a name for herself in the music industry. Her mother, Helen, had always stuck by her side, even when Greta’s father passed judgment. But when Helen suddenly passes and Greta has a viral breakdown, she joins her father for a week-long cruise in Alaska. She’s not the only one on board facing significant life changes. Historian Ben Wilder is holding a lecture on Call of the Wild while dealing with his own uncertainty. Greta and Ben hope for smooth sailings as they help each other through grief and make tough decisions.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Literary agent Nora Stephen does not have the time or energy to find love like the heroines in her client’s novels. Hence why her sister, Libby, begs Nora to go with her on a sister trip to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina, for a month in the summer. Instead of finding her Hallmark movie small-town hunk, she’s constantly running into book editor Charlie Lastra. Despite their annoying run-ins, the two may uncover more about each other’s edited stories.

Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Weather Girl

TV meteorologist Ari Abrams wants a mentorship, but her weatherwoman boss, Torrance, is too wrapped up in her relationship problems with her news director ex-husband to extend the offer. Russel, the sports reporter at the station, teams up with Ari to get their bosses to resolve their issues. All they’ve plotted goes according to plan…until Ari and Russel start to develop feelings for each other. We’re reporting a 100% chance of this being a perfect summer romance!

Island Time by Georgia Clark

Island Time

When a volcano erupts on a tropical island, two extremely different families, their married daughters, and two island employees are forced to stick together for six weeks. The beating sun isn’t the only thing that’s hot on the island. Romance and family drama fill the island, causing everyone to question what, and who, they really want. It is a story of queer love, parenthood, and the definition of family.

Lucie Yi Is Not a Romantic by Lauren Ho

Lucie Yi Is not a romantic

After a terrible breakup with a cheating ex, Lucie is still set on wanting children. She signs herself up on a website that matches platonic, procreating people and comes across Collin. He looks great on paper and they eventually, platonically, conceive. The pregnancy seems to be going smoothly until Lucie and Collin return to Singapore to be closer to family and friends. Lucie must make a tough decision concerning the rocky relationship she has with her ex, all while navigating pregnancy, work, and her possibly-not-platonic feelings for Collin.

For the Love of the Bard by Jessica Martin

For the Love of the Bard

When literary agent Miranda goes home to Bard’s Rest, she’s hoping to settle down to finish writing her next fantasy novel. Her mom has other plans and appoints Miranda to direct their production of Twelfth Night as part of the town’s Shakespeare festival. Miranda is beyond stressed dealing with the play, her mother’s medical scare, and trying to finish her book; she doesn’t have time to deal with Adam again, the man that broke her heart on prom night years ago. Will this be a midsummer night’s dream or are love’s labour’s lost?

I’m So (Not) Over You by Kosoko Jackson

I'm So Not Over You

When Kian gets a text from his ex-boyfriend, Hudson, he’s hoping for reconciliation (or maybe even a love confession). However, Hudson has other plans. He asks Kian to pretend to be his boyfriend just for one night out with his parents. One thing leads to another, and it looks like Kian is going to be Hudson’s plus one at an A-lister wedding that could catapult his career. Keeping up appearances is one thing, but the two find that their resurfaced feelings for each other might not be so fake.

Love in the Time of Serial Killers by Alicia Thompson

Love in the Time of Serial Killers

True crime junkie Phoebe Walsh is juggling writing her dissertation while spending the summer in Florida cleaning out her childhood home. Amidst it all, she’s mourning the strained relationship she had with her father before he passed. Then comes Sam, her new neighbor. With tons of true crime knowledge under her belt, Phoebe firmly believes he’s a serial killer, or even worse: a genuinely good guy. Catch them in the act in August 2022.

The Roughest Draft by Emily Wibberley, Austin Siegemund-Broka

The Roughest Draft

Three years ago, Katrina and Nathan were the literary duo of the century, creating a series of books that skyrocketed to best-sellers lists. But after a private and messy split, the two stopped talking to each other. This all changes when they are reminded that they contractually have one more book left to write for their series. Being forced to write a romance novel with their ex-partner is just the start of the problems they face under the hot Florida sun.

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