My Six LGBTQ Favorite Couples You Need to Fan Over!

LGBTQ romances are more recognized and put in the front as romantic plot lines. I love all kinds of romances and I just want to share my six favorite LGBTQ couples that you need to fan over!

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I take pride in being a fan of romance and couples—I just love the feeling of swooning over characters in romantic tropes. To celebrate pride month I have listed six of my LGBTQ favorite couples that I need all of you to start fanning over!

1. Sex Education: Lily and Ola


If any of you are Sex Education fans are reading, don’t get me wrong: Maeve and Otis as a couple showing signs of affection is great to watch. Even, Eric and Adam getting together was exploratory, despite who they were before that happened. I have always wanted more of Lily and Ola’s relationship.

Ola and Lily got together in season 2, and they’ve stayed together as a couple. However, in the latest season there isn’t much progress in their arch to keep me satisfied. When it comes to Lily, all they really seem to focus on is her alien erotica interests. When they bring up her mother and her being isolated from her peers due to her interests at a young age, it was heartfelt and sympathetic. Still, I want to peel the layers of this quirky, alien-obsessed woman!

Ola is still figuring out her relationship with her father and processing how much she still misses her mother. When you put these two lovebugs together it seems that they have some similar mother trauma. But again they just focus on Ola wanting to change their dynamic instead of focusing on the alien erotica, which makes Lily a bit sad.

Despite them working out their issues, I still feel their love story is underdeveloped. Let’s cross our fingers for another season with them!

2. Heartstopper: Nick and Charlie


Alice Oseman created the Webtoon series, which originally were posted on Tumblr and Tapas. In 2019, the first comic book adaptation was published and released. From there, Volumes 2, 3, and 4 have become part of that list. With so much popularity within a short amount of time, Nick and Charlie’s wholesome relationship story is what fuels me whenever I read the updated Webtoon chapters and have watched the first season.

Nick and Charlie’s relationship is as sweet and swoon worthy as it gets. If you enjoy the adorable high school boy meets boy trope, then this is for you.

Nick as a character is simply unique and special. He is very kind to everyone, he doesn’t even bat an eye when finding out Charlie is gay. They become close friends throughout the Netflix show. Although he is on the rugby team with assholes who are closed minded and enjoy “joking” about Charlie, that doesn’t stop him from spending time with him.

When Charlie joins the rugby team, Nick takes him under his wing and gives him encouragement. One part that really makes Nick amazing is that he’s always reminding Charlie not to apologize. Have you ever apologized constantly even when you did nothing wrong? Usually people don’t point that out but Nick wants Charlie to have self-confidence and really supports his growth.

Charlie is shy, insecure, and has low confidence. But he’s amazing at drums, has great friends, and a killer smile. Before meeting Nick and becoming friends, he had a secret boyfriend who he wanted to please. However, when that didn’t work out, he felt less of a person, unloveable. However, when meeting Nick, a supposed straight guy who was awfully sweet to the out gay kid, he was hesitant at first.

But their pure friendship alone on screen is so romantic you can tell there is a special connection.

Recently, Oseman has announced season 2 and 3 are confirmed for Heartstopper and I am thrilled to see how they display the new experiences and challenges their relationship will face.

3. She-Ra and The Princess of Power: Adora and Catra


Although the series started in 2018, I still can’t get She-Ra out of my head. Adora and Catra are quite a pair, and I think their relationship was the most strained out of this list.

For a little background: Adora and Catra both grew up in The Horde, a place where they are trained to fight against the rest of the planet (specifically the kingdom of Bright Moon). When Adora discovers the She-Ra Sword, its powers transform her body, and her perspective changes. Now, she wants to help Bright Moon and stop The Horde from taking over.

This betrayal hits Catra hard, and she becomes bitter and resentful. Her peresonality has always been trouble maker and aggressive, while Adora’s is follow the rules, do what’s right. From best friends to enemies, there are several moments of romantic undertones through this cat and mouse game they play. Throughout the series, they get under each other’s skin. Adora has had hope that Catra would change her ways, but Catra locks her heart and feelings very tight.

In the final season which released in 2020, Catra has found a new path for herself, which got dark and had many hurdles to get to. When she finally admits she loves Adora, everything changes. The entire world has hope, and they unite and work together to save Bright Moon and all the other kingdoms on the planet.

Although it’s sad how a long friendship became sour, the character development on both sides made their fruitful love that much more powerful.

4. Atypical: Casey and Izzie


Although Sam is the main focus in Atypical, his sister Casey has a great love story brewing. The relationship between Casey and Izzie starts in season 3. Before Izzie, Casey was with Evan. However, when they broke up, it was hard to stay friends. However as time flew they were okay with each other. Casey is a runner, and her skills got her an opportunity for a scholarship when transferring to Clayton Prep, a new high school. There, she meets Izzie and they form a close friendship. However, feelings of something more strained between the two women as Casey navigates her sexuality throughout season 2 and 3. When they do finally become an item, I was rooting for them! Even when running, college, and other personal family issues got in the way, they really, really tried.

Although everything is bittersweet, I definitely recommend watching Casey’s love journey. Casey is such a fun, sarcastic sister who supports her brother wholeheartedly in her own extreme ways.

5. Steven Universe: Ruby and Sapphire


Steven Universe is one of my favorite animated shows of all time. The entire plot and all the characters were phenomenal. This is one of the most acclaimed shows that has LGBTQ representation throughout the entire series for a children and young adult Cartoon Network show. Since 2013, Rebecca Sugar has created a beautiful love story and connection with the characters Ruby and Sapphire.

Ruby and Sapphire, form Garnet, who is the leader of the Crystal Gems who protect Earth. They help guide Steven with his new abilities as he navigates all the responsibilities and past of his deceased mother. Although these gems are perceived as women, they’re rocks, humanoid projects of light that have no gender. Rebecca Sugar got the idea of wanting to showcase her identity as a bisexual non-binary feminist. She made history of showing the first cartoon lesbian proposal and wedding.

Sapphire is cool, calm, and collected while Ruby is sassy, aggressive and feisty. Yet they were inseparable and always wanted to be fused together, which is why we find out about them being Garnet later on in the series.

Although they seem like opposites, what the other lacks, the other ones fills in. They have been together for over thousands of years. Now that they are married, it’s so heart wrenchingly beautiful that we can see them happy for billions of years to come.

6. Fantastic Beasts, The Secrets of Dumbledore: Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald


Before I dive into this complicated love story that is still developing, I wanted to point out moments that J.K. Rowling has established Dumbledore’s sexuality and her creation and development of Grindelwald and Dumbledore’s relationship.

According to EW in 2007 J.K. Rowling mentions that when Albus was a teenager he fell for Grindelwald. In the year 2016 J.K. Rowling said she would explore Dumbledore’s sexuality and his relationship through Fantastic Beasts series. Lastly, when the DVD and Blu-ray editions of Crimes of Grindelwald came out in 2019, there was a featured video interviews of J.K. Rowling describing Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s love.

“It was passionate, and it was a love relationship.”

Entertainment Weekly

If this doesn’t scream “I’m queer and I’m here,” I don’t know what will.

Although the first Fantastic Beasts movie was all about Newt as a character, now Dumbledore’s middle-aged self is in the films, and J.K. Rowling wants to take a route into Dumbledore when he wasn’t the cool, calm, mysterious Headmaster as we saw him to be during Harry Potter’s time.

There were moments in Crimes of Grindelwald that we now understand they had a special relationship, that they used to be close. The blood pact pendant that Dumbledore wears is a significant item that is explained to be a sign of their love. However, when their perspectives changed, they both can’t interfere with each other or stop them, if they feel the desire to harm one another then the pendant will hurt them both.

When watching The Secrets of Dumbledore, I was anxiously waiting for it to be said aloud. Then their exchange at the very beginning of the movie started:

Albus: What you’re doing is madness

Gellert: It’s what we said we’d do

Albus: No, I was young. I was

Gellert: Committed. To me. To Us.

Albus: No. I went along because…because I was in love with you.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

I literally gasped and got teary from him professing his feelings aloud. There is more to learn about the couple’s past and rocky relationship. Now they are enemies, but the love is there, hidden and deep. Hopefully the next movie can add more context and really look at them from the perspective of teenagers.

You can watch Sex Education, Heart Stopper, Atypical, She-Ra and the Princess of Power on Netflix

You can watch Steven Universe on Cartoon Network app.

Lastly, you can watch Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore in Theaters, or of course wait for the DVD.

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