7 Strong Protagonists That Rely on the Power of Booksmarts

Some of the mightiest heroes have used books as their main weapon. Let’s explore some protagonists whose knowledge helped change their destinies!

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Strong protagonists come in many forms. Some wield swords and battle dragons, while others use their wits and intelligence to navigate complex challenges. Let’s celebrate the latter group — protagonists who rely on the power of book smarts to overcome adversity and make their mark on the literary landscape. From wizards to detectives, these characters prove that knowledge truly is power.

1. Jo March

Louisa May Alcott’s Jo March is a character ahead of her time. Jo’s deep love for books is evident from the very beginning of Little Women. She devours literature of all kinds, from Shakespearean dramas to sensational tales. Her enthusiasm for reading is infectious, and it resonates with anyone who has ever felt a deep connection to the written word.

Saoirse Ronan as Jo March in Greta Gerwig's Little Women film

What sets Jo apart as a protagonist is her unwavering determination to pursue her dream of becoming a writer at a time when women were often discouraged from such ambitions. Jo’s resilience in the face of societal expectations and gender norms is nothing short of inspirational. Through her dedication to her craft, Jo achieves personal and professional success, proving that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

2. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is the epitome of a powerful and booksmart protagonist. While many detectives rely on brawn or brute force to solve crimes, Holmes employs the incredible force of his intellect and a deep reservoir of knowledge throughout the series. Holmes is often described as the world’s first “consulting detective,” and his title is well-earned. He possesses a vast array of knowledge across a wide range of subjects, including chemistry, biology, botany, geology, and even obscure facts about different types of tobacco ash.

Benedict Cumberbacth and Martin Freeman in BBC Sherlock

His ability to draw on this knowledge allows him to make connections and deductions that elude even the most astute of Scotland Yard’s detectives. Additionally, his famous ability to “eliminate the impossible” and arrive at the truth, however improbable, showcases the incredible potential of logical reasoning and the application of book knowledge to real-world situations.

3. Elizabeth Bennet

In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet emerges as a powerful and book-smart protagonist who defies the societal norms of her time. Elizabeth’s intelligence is evident from the very start, as she navigates the intricacies of her family’s estate and the expectations placed upon her as a young woman in early 19th-century England. What truly sets her apart is her insatiable love for reading and her sharp wit, which she employs to significant effect throughout the novel.

Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennett in 2005 adaptation

Elizabeth’s booksmart nature is not confined to the pages of novels but extends to her astute observations of the people and society around her. Her ability to read between the lines and see beyond superficial appearances allows her to see the truth in situations where others are blinded by prejudice and social conventions. She reminds us that knowledge is not only a source of empowerment but also a tool for navigating the complexities of life and love.

4. Matilda Wormwood

Roald Dahl’s Matilda introduces readers to a young bookworm named Matilda Wormwood with an insatiable appetite for reading. From a young age, Matilda displays an insatiable appetite for books and knowledge, devouring literature with an intensity that is nothing short of remarkable. Her voracious reading leads to a profound intelligence that far surpasses her years, and it’s through her love of books that she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Mara Wilson as Matilda in 1996 adaptation

Matilda’s booksmart nature extends beyond mere academic prowess. Her remarkable ability to harness telekinesis — a gift acquired through her extensive reading — allows her to stand up to the tyrannical forces in her life, namely her neglectful parents and the oppressive headmistress, Miss Trunchbull. As a character, Matilda serves as an enduring symbol of the transformative power of literature and the remarkable potential of a curious and inquisitive mind.

5. Lisbeth Salander

In Stieg Larsson’s thrilling Millennium series, Lisbeth Salander emerges as a powerful protagonist whose brilliance is only matched by her unyielding tenacity. Her technical prowess and deep knowledge of computer systems allow her to dig into the darkest corners of the digital world, uncovering hidden truths and exposing corruption. But Lisbeth Salander’s booksmart nature extends beyond her technical skills.

Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander in 2011 film

She navigates a world filled with dark secrets and powerful adversaries, using her intelligence and wit to outmaneuver them at every turn. As a protagonist, Lisbeth Salander inspires us to embrace the power of knowledge and to recognize that, in an age dominated by information, intellect can be a formidable weapon for change. Lisbeth is not just a skilled hacker; she is a symbol of the ever-increasing importance of digital literacy and the capacity of an astute mind to leverage technology for justice.

6. Don Tillman

Graeme Simsion’s The Rosie Project introduces readers to the endearing and unconventional protagonist, Don Tillman, whose unique blend of quirkiness and intellect makes him a powerful, book-smart character. Don, a genetics professor with a penchant for structure and order, stands out in the literary world. What sets Don apart is not just his prodigious intellect but also his unwavering dedication to the scientific pursuit of knowledge.

Rosie Project series book covers

His attempts to find love through a meticulously designed questionnaire may appear eccentric, but they demonstrate a need to prioritize intellect with understanding the human heart and the complexities of relationships. Don’s booksmart nature, in this context, challenges conventional notions of romance. Don’s character is a testament to the power of embracing one’s quirks and channeling intelligence in unconventional ways, ultimately proving that booksmarts come in all forms and can be a source of charm and inspiration.

7. Hermione Granger

No list of booksmart protagonists would be complete without Hermione Granger, the brilliant and resourceful witch from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. From her very first appearance on the Hogwarts Express, Hermione’s character is defined by her insatiable thirst for knowledge and her unwavering commitment to her studies. As one of Harry Potter’s closest friends, Hermione proves time and again that intelligence is not just a valuable asset; it’s a superpower in its own right.

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in Harry potter films

Her encyclopedic knowledge of spells, magical creatures, and academic subjects is awe-inspiring, and it serves as a reminder that intellect is a force to be reckoned with, even in a world of wizards and witches. Her love for books and dedication to learning often save the day, whether it’s brewing Polyjuice Potion or solving riddles in the Hogwarts library. Hermione Granger is not just a booksmart character; she’s a symbol of the potential for intelligence and education to change the course of one’s life and impact the fate of an entire magical world.

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