7 Manga Characters I Think Are Excellent Amateur Bakers

Have you ever looked at food in anime or manga and thought it looked so delicious you wish you could eat it off the screen/page? I know I have!

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Three thin slices of cake, a cupcake, and a small bottle of whipped cream in a white box

It’s that time of year when people are baking more than ever. Autumn is the most popular season for baking, and it got me thinking: which manga characters would be good at baking, but not do it professionally? So, I made a short, incomplete list of who I think is the most likely to be a good amateur baker, supported by canon events and my imagination.

Honda Tōru from Fruits Basket

Honda Tōru smiling with her eyes closed and waving

Tohru is excellent at cooking, and while baking isn’t the same, I could see her being good at baking, too. She would bake just about anything: bread, sweet rolls, cookies, cakes, cream puffs, and other baked goods. She can cook a variety of dishes, from Japanese to Western to Chinese, so I imagine it would be similar for baking. Tohru would probably ask her friends and family what they like or want to try, or she would look up recipes to surprise them.

Satō Rikidō from My Hero Academia

Satō Rikidō in his school uniform with a smile

Satō Rikidō canonically a baker because of his quirk Sugar Rush, which dramatically increases his strength for a few minutes if he eats at least 10 grams of sugar. For this reason, he’s always baking some kind of dessert since store-bought ones get expensive after a while. After U.A. students move into dorms, he starts baking for his classmates every week. He could probably expand to more savory baking if he really wanted to, but he’s still an excellent baker.

Sugawara Kōshi from Haikyu!!

Sugawara Kōshi standing with his hands on his hips and smiling

Sugawara just seems like somebody who would bake from time to time. He probably wouldn’t bake a lot of super sweet things, but things more savory or spicy. His favorite food is super spicy mapo tofu, after all. He might make some kabocha dishes or something similar around autumn and winter. Kabocha is a winter fruit that is often used as a pumpkin substitute. But he might bake something simple like cookies and bring them to his teammates once in a while.

Loid Forger from Spy x Family

Loid Forger looking over his shoulder with his arm resting on an armrest

Loid is perfect at pretty much everything, so it’s no surprise he’s good at baking, too. He has baked a couple of times in the series, and it turned out well each time. He only does it on special occasions, but since he makes all the meals for his family, he likely bakes more than we see. Plus, he’d bake a lot of dishes, not just sweets, to keep it healthier. But Anya might convince him to bake desserts a little more often…

Jean Kirstein from Attack on Titan

Jean Kirstein wearing a suit with a strained smile

Jean Kirstein cooks once in the series, and that’s it. Still, I think he would be a pretty good baker if he had time to put into it. He’d probably try to impress girls—namely Mikasa—with his skills. Since supplies are so limited for most of the series, he probably wouldn’t bake any desserts, but more like bread or simple dishes. He wouldn’t do it often, but he would probably bake for his friends and for his mother, too.

Wendy Marvell from Fairy Tail

Wendy Marvell pouting while blushing faintly

I have no real evidence/explanation for why Wendy Marvell would be a good baker. She just gives off that vibe. I could see her making all sorts of sweet treats to both stuff in her face and to share with her friends. She might even make Erza a special strawberry cake if she asked. Most of the rest of the main cast probably don’t have the greatest culinary or baking skills, so she’d have to learn somewhere else.

Kashima Ryūichi from Gakuen Babysitters

Kashima Ryūichi staring down with a smile

Ryūichi probably had to learn a lot of skills to take care of his baby brother, Kashima Kotarō. Their parents left Ryūichi in charge most of the time while they went on trips, so he was fully in charge. Kotarō is a toddler at the beginning of the series, but Ryūichi probably learned baking before then so he could dote on and take care of his brother. Not to mention he just seems like the type to take up baking as a hobby.

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