6 Bookstagram Accounts to Follow in the New Year!

As the year winds down, I rounded up 6 of my favorite Bookstagram accounts from 2023! Read on to discover some amazing accounts!

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Black mobile phone takes sideways photo of a white bedspread with a camera and book laying on it.

One of my favorite things about Bookstagram is seeing how people make their feeds standout. Some have elaborate setups and others use quick pictures of their current reads. Either way, it’s been an absolute joy discovering and engaging with accounts that have themes and styles of all kinds that showcase their personalities. To show love to some of these accounts, I give you 6 of my favorite Bookstagrams from this year!

1. @beezysbooks

Three words: pastel eye massage. I fell head over heels for Bailie’s pastel pink feed! It’s so vibrant and pink that you can just feel the warmth radiating from the photos! She also hypes up queer books all year round! In addition, she owns 74 copies of Song of Achilles (!!), and besides showing the determination of a book lover, you know you’ll have someone to talk to about a certain scene.

2. @booknerd_reads

Part Bookstagram and part Studygram, Jill’s feed is so wonderfully aesthetic (wait until you see her desk setup!) As a fellow college student, it was so wonderful to connect with someone else over the stress of finishing our degrees and what our favorite English literature classes were!

3. @dreaminginpages

While I love a pastel bright feed, I’m an absolute sucker for dark and mysterious themes, and Meigan’s feed checks all those boxes! It’s one of my favorite feeds to stare at during spooky season!

4. @foreverinastory

I’ve actually known about Andy’s account for a while at this point. While I haven’t interacted with xem a ton, their dedication to featuring and uplifting BIPOC and LGBTQ+ authors makes them a quintessential part of the Bookstagram community. I fell behind in staying on top of diverse releases, so their account has been an instant go-to of mine for recs and new releases!

5. @literaryfaery

I discovered Shelby through her reels and have no regrets about following her! Her photos have the perfect amount of saturation, and it makes the covers pop! Her reels are so creative and funny, and her cosplays are amazing! (She also has an Outlander Christmas tree and a giant cutout of Jamie in her library if you need a little more motivation to follow her.)

6. @darkfaerietales

Bridget’s account is another one I’ve known for a while, but her feed keeps me coming back year after year! I absolutely love the permanent fall vibes I get from her feed, even with Christmas right around the corner! Her setups are so gorgeous and elaborate yet so cozy that you just want to live in them! It was actually because of her feed that I started to get into taking flatlays for my own Bookstagram!

Picking favorites is always hard for me to do since there are so many people who are equally deserving of recognition. Even though I could only pick 6, I hope you love these accounts and their creators as much as I do!

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