6 Tantalizing Situationship Reads to Make Your Holiday Season a Little Naughty

This holiday season, we bring you our special 12 Days of Cuffing part 1. Up first, our naughty reads list!

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Tis the season to cuff, and there’s nothing like a seasonal situationship to keep you warm-ish during the winter months. A twist on the popular Twelve Days of Christmas, we bring you the 12 Days of Cuffing with these naughty situationships that may heat up your wintry nights or make your sunny holiday even hotter. This holiday season, dive into these six books that’ll leave you breathless, but only for moments in time. They may not be meant to last, but they’ll do for now. And who knows what these situationships may turn into.

Part 1: Our Naughty Book List

The Holiday Boyfriend by Rye Cox

On the first day of cuffing, Rye Cox gave to us: two best friends in love with each other but stuck in that “will they, won’t they?” gray area. What’s worse is even they’re unsure of what they’ve got going on.

A man wearing a brown jacket and white t-shirt is posed in the center. Behind him is a winter forest landscape. The sun is shining. The title of the book is written in white and pink letters in the center. The author's name is in white letters at the bottom.

When best friends and roommates Austin and Jim slip up and have an accidental one-night stand, things between them get complicated. Both are in love with each other. But Austin is sure Jim only wants a friends-with-benefits relationship. Jim is certain there’s nothing between them, except his chest aches every time Austin leaves right after. What are these two in love to do in a situationship like this? Curl up with The Holiday Boyfriend to find out.

The Christmas Swap by Talia Samuels

On the second day of cuffing, Talia Samuels gave to us: the newly single, broken-hearted Margot and unlucky-in-love sweetheart Ben, along with Ben’s suspicious sister, Ellie, and a secret itching to come out.

Two woman are dressed in winter clothing. They are kissing each other. One is wearing green; the other is wearing red. They are set against a green background with some snowflakes falling around them. The title is above their heads in yellow and white letters. The author's name is at the top in white letters. Other words in smaller, white lettering is at the top and bottom.

Successful businesswoman Margot Murray is not in the mood for romance this holiday, not after she and her long-time girlfriend have just broken up. Ben Gibson has a hard enough time finding love. And now he needs a woman to bring home for the holidays. Together, the two make a pact to join forces in a fake relationship. What can honestly go wrong? Margot gets two weeks of bliss in a manor, and Ben has a girlfriend to show off to his family. But Ben’s sister, Ellie, is getting suspicious of the pair. Not to mention, Margot and Ellie are starting to get closer. How can Ben and Margot possibly keep up this charade? And will Margot and Ellie risk something real? A situationship wound up in secrets and family drama that will certainly spice up your holiday!

Snowed in For Christmas by Jaqueline Snowe

On the third day of cuffing, Jaqueline Snowe gave to us: Becca, who’s done with dating and only wants to focus on her job, and grumpy next-door neighbor Harrison. They’ve shared a steamy kiss, but what are they to do when a blizzard touches down, and they’re stuck together until the storm ends?

A woman and man are dressed in winter clothing and wrapped in a large red and green scarf together. The man is holding a cup of something hot with steam rising from the cup. The woman is knitting the sweater. She's also wearing a red winter hat. Behind them is the outline of house windows and a roof. The title is in large, white lettering. The author's name is in yellow letters at the top. Everything is set against a light blue background.

Sorority mom Becca Fairfield doesn’t have much luck with dating. Men just don’t take her seriously. With the holidays and a blizzard around the corner, maybe it’s time to give up dating and focus on work and home. Besides, she’ll always have the memory of the steamy kiss between her and her grump of a next-door neighbor, Harrison Cooper, to keep her company. But when the storm turns into a Snowpocalypse, and the power goes out, Harrison offering her shelter only makes sense. Harrison may not be the dating type, but they can use this time for some R-rated cuddling while they wait out the storm. But maybe they’re getting a bit too close and possibly playing with fire. This situationship is only supposed to last until the storm does, but will it?

Call It What You Want by Alissa DeRogatis

On the fourth day of cuffing, Alissa DeRogatis gave to us: hopeless romantic Sloane Hart and guarded enigma Ethan Brady. She’s shattered by her parents’ divorce. He keeps people at arm’s length. Whatever they have can’t last.

A pink cover that doubles as a landline phone as the background. The title is in large, bold white lettering in the center. The author's name is in smaller white lettering underneath the title.

College student Sloane Hart has always believed that somewhere in the world is her great love story. That was until her parents divorced, shattering her dream. Now, the only thing she wants is to finish school and move to New York to become a writer. But when she and Ethan Brady start dating without labels, Sloane is sure he’s the one she wants to share her life with. But Eathan’s wrapped in mystery and is tight-lipped about his past, and he’s far from ready to commit to anything serious. All they both know is that whatever they’re doing isn’t meant to be forever. Call It What You Want is a situationship stuck in the gray area indefinitely.

Situationship by Ian O. Lewis

On the fifth day of cuffing, Ian O. Lewis gave to us: heartbreakingly lonely musician, Tanner, who never got over being in love with his best friend. And emotional Griffin, whose family upbringing kept him from being his true self, thus ruining a friendship with Tanner six years ago.

A shirtless man appears to be lying down. He holds a pillow in one hand. His hair falls around his face, and he has a seductive stare. The background is all white. The title is at the bottom in white lettering and set against a purple background. The author's name is in black lettering set against the white background.

Tanner Beckwith has toured the world with all the great pop stars and performed in front of thousands. Deep down, his loneliness keeps him in a dark place. After six long years of being on the road, he’s fired due to a popstar’s handsy husband and heads back home to live with his aunt. But home is where Griffin Cartwright, his former best friend and the only man he’s ever loved, is. And Tanner is living next door to him. Griffin knows how Tanner feels about him; he’s known since Tanner revealed his feelings for him six years ago. Then, Griffin had to reject his former friend due to his family. Now that he’s owned his sexuality, maybe there’s something there. The only thing in the way is Griffin’s boyfriend. With these two unsure if they can keep their feelings inside long enough to resume their friendship, this Situationship is bound to get sticky for all the wrong reasons.

The Twelve Swipes of Christmas by Elizabeth Meitzler

On the sixth day of cuffing, Elizebeth Meitzler gave to us: Tatum, who’s looking for a distraction this Christmas, and Nash, the arrogant doctor she can’t stop fantasizing day and night about.

A woman stands on the left side and a man stands on the right side. They are both dressed in winter apparel and standing in the snow. Snowflakes fall around them. They are set against a sky-blue background. The title is large and sits between the man and woman in the center. The author's name is at the bottom in sky-blue lettering.

Tatum has always found Christmas time difficult, but she’s determined to keep her spirits alive this holiday. When her friend suggests online dating, Tatum indulges her. What’s the harm? She could use the distraction anyway. But meeting arrogant yet swoon-worthy Nash sees their first date ends with a drink dumped in his lap. Still, Tatum can’t stop thinking about him. And after a run-in and one mind-blowing night of passion, these two enter into a friends-with-benefits situation, without the “friends” part. They’ve set rules to help keep things purely physical, but Tatum’s past catching up with her makes her want Nash in a different way. Maybe this Christmas can bring a miracle after all. With a situationship like this, all we can do is hope.

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