5 Unique Bookish Gift Ideas to Check Out Just Because

Get yourself or someone else these bookish gifts just because! Here is a quick list to help you get started!

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A teal background with two women reading on an open book. There is a candle, stuffed animal, tea bag, lamp, and pile of books above them

All of us have struggled to give a gift in our lives. It is especially tough if that person seems to have everything. A bookish person can sometimes be easy to shop for. They cannot have enough books or bookmarks. However, if you want to get them (or yourself) something unique, this list will help get the ball rolling!

100 Books Scratch Off Poster

A black poster that has one hundred gold squares on it. Some squares reveal different colorful pictures and at the top of the poster is the title top one hundred books: the ultimate collection

What better way to help make someone’s TBR longer than giving them a scratch-off poster? These posters include a hundred squares of different genres that readers enjoy! The sheet expands a reader’s bookshelf and reading tastes. It also comes with other genres of books. One poster may be geared toward classic novels, while another is a fantasy reader’s dream. However, these posters can mix genres too! These mixed posters add excitement to an already ecstatic reader.

Ceramic Book Vase

A blue ceramic book vase with orange tulips is in it. The book vase is has orange and red flowers with golden foil on them and the middle of the vase says a compendium of flowers

This is a treasure to give yourself or a bookish person! The beautiful colors on the ceramic vase make anything you store in it pop. The picture and title above say it is a vase, but you can put anything in it. Flowers, pencils, bookmarks, favorite characters, and more can fit. If the vase being a book was not enough, a quote from an author is on the back. Also, you will notice the flowers have a gold foil. This creates a shimmering effect that most book readers will love. I know I do!

A Book Candle

A book is open with a fluffy pillow on the top right. In the middle is a black candle with a gray packaging strip that says new book smell

Most readers love the smell of books or their favorite library or bookstore. These candles recreate the smell of books and fill the room with happiness. Some candles smell like book characters. Book character candles mix the scents a character is described as having, which is perfect for those fun re-reads. A reader would be excited to receive this type of candle, especially in a character they find themselves emotionally attached to. Additionally, different candle colors symbolize the smell they create.

A Book Couch

A gray comfy looking book holder with a sloth on the left hand side of it. The sloth is laying on a branch and around green leaves

If you or a bookish person have complained about awkward reading postures, the book couch is here to save you! The book couch is a comfortable place for your book to sit while you read. It can be used while sitting up, lying down, or in other book-reading positions. The couch comes in different colors and has tabs that keep your pages open while you read. This bookish merch can hold open hardcovers, paperbacks, and a Kindle. It is perfect for a reader who likes ebooks or physical copies.

A Custom Birth Flower Bookmark

Three bookmarks with different colored tassels sit on a table. On the bookmarks are names in different fonts and colors connected to different flowers.

This final gift is a bookmark, but it is special. The bookmark has three distinct features that make it different from most. This Esty shop asks for your (or your bookish person’s) name, birth month flower, and favorite color. Then, the shop will create a bookmark with all three of these items and attach a cute tassel on the end. A reader would love this bookmark due to the personalization of the gift. Even I might get this one for myself!

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These gift ideas help readers get book accessories or have a fun design. These suggestions are not the only ones out there, as there are plenty more that readers would adore. However, remember to get yourself something as well! There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to something new and fun!

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