5 TSA Fiction and Nonfiction Books to Make Traveling Easier

Looking for ways to ease up that travel anxiety or occupy your flight time? Bookstr found 5 TSA fiction and nonfiction books to make your trip a little easier.

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A good book can make any trip enjoyable regardless of how long you’re waiting in the airport. Not into fiction? These non-fiction choices will definitely make your trip easier with a variety of tips and tricks to get through the airport faster. Bookstr found five TSA books to make traveling a little easier and enjoyable.

These TSA-themed books are the perfect way to not only expand your knowledge but make those travel days a little less chaotic. While some are fiction, the others are informative and extra handy. We’ve all experienced the age-old question, “Do I keep my shoes on or off?” Not to mention a favorite of mine, “Does my laptop go in a separate bin?” If you’re like me, you travel with two different laptops, a kindle, a cell phone, and a portable charger. Obviously, this makes the bin situation even more confusing.

Three of these books explore nonfiction aspects of TSA, and two take a different approach in the fiction genre. Grab your favorite to take on your next trip!

1. The Baggage Handler by David Rawlings

5 tsa fiction and non-fiction books to add to your tbr the baggage handler
cr. Barnes & Noble

The Baggage Handler is a tale that will resonate deeply with those who have held on too tightly, for too long, to the things hold them captive. That’s me. That’s you. Pick it up and prepare to have your world turned upside down, then turned right side up.”

— James L. Rubart, bestselling author of The Man He Never Was

Lost luggage sounds like a nightmare, but what if it could actually be a good thing? Follow along as three people each takes the wrong suitcase from baggage claim sending them on an adventure they never expected. When Gillian, David, and Michael arrive in a deserted part of the city to pick up their luggage, they meet the Baggage Handler. Add this modern-day parable that explores the burdens we carry that weigh up down.

2.Shoes On or Shoes Off by Chester Williams

5 tsa fiction and non-fiction books to add to your tbr shoes on or shoes off
cr. Amazon

Add this game-changing airport guide to your trip prep. While reading, you will gain the knowledge to get in and out of the airport as effectively as possible! A few things you’ll learn include:

  • Check-in and out in NO TIME using expert-approved tips on how and where to enter airport security checks
  • Come prepared and get situated IN MINUTES by referring to simplified versions of usually complicated airport lane rules
  • Never hold up the airport flow EVER AGAIN with these easy-to-follow TSA PreCheck boarding pass tips and lane rules

3. Love and the TSA by Mary Lash

5 tsa fiction and non-fiction books to add to your tbr  love and the tsa
cr. Barnes & Noble

“This novel of work and love offers an intimate view from behind the checkpoint as it traces one woman’s reinvention of herself.”

— Barnes & Noble

Have you ever wondered what the TSA workers are really thinking? This emotional romance novel follows TSO worker, Vicky Richards, as she learns her husband is having an affair with one of the fellow TSA workers. Although she leaves him, she still has to work alongside the now happy couple. In the midst of trying to find love again, she battles heartbreak, exhausting hours, and poor administration, while threats break loose. She and the team must work together to ensure the passengers’ safety.

4. TSA Baggage by Scott Becker

5 tsa fiction and non-fiction books to add to your tbr  tsa baggage
cr. Amazon

“Personal and engaging . . . gives an inside look at the airport . . . filled with lighthearted, amusing and bizarre moments and wild encounters.”

— Chicago Tribune

After 12 years working for the TSA, Scott Becker knows a thing or two. This book is full of experience and candid stories from some familiar names. This book offers:

  • Candid Cameos: Several stories in TSA Baggage feature appearances from celebrities, including Madeleine Albright, Patch Adams, and the Kardashians
  • Behind-the-Scenes Look: For anyone who’s ever wondered what happens in the parts of airports hidden from a view or during a shift at a security check, this book provides first-hand accounts of the inner workings of airports and the people who keep them humming
  • Travel Warning: This book can also be a great guide to do’s and don’ts for all future travelers, with tips from someone who’s seen everything that can go right and wrong at an airport

5. 101 Pat-Downs by Shawna Malvini Redden

5 tsa fiction and non-fiction books to add to your tbr 101 pat-downs
cr. Amazon

101 Pat-Downs is the story of Malvini Redden’s research journey—part travel memoir, part investigative research, and part light-hearted social commentary that explores all things airport security.”

— Amazon

Shawna Malvini Redden gives us an inside look at what really happens at the airport. After interviewing more than 200 people to find answers, she finally gathered the answers we’ve all been wondering. Why does it take so long to get through the airport? Why do we continue to do it no matter what? Get all your questions answered in Redden’s book!

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