12 Romances to Comfort You This Holiday Season

Whether you’re trying to escape family visiting from out of town or just in desperate need of a holiday read, Bookstr has you covered this holiday season.

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The holidays are traditionally a time for families to come together and celebrate their love. But for those of you overwhelmed by the countless days surrounded by your extended families, sometimes an escape is needed. Here are twelve perfect, and comforting getaways to help evade inquisitive family members. After all, they cannot complain if you’re celebrating the holiday by reading about the holiday spirit in your romance books, right?

1. All I Want for Christmas by Rebekah Pace and Alexis J. Pride

All I Want for Christmas- book cover
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Celebrate the holiday season with a truly inspiring tale of family. A Christmas tale of finding the true beauty in life, Rebekah Pace and Alexis J. Pride have written a marvelous story that reflects today’s society. In a society that encourages workaholicism, Pace and Pride have shown that work isn’t the most important part of life, family is. When James and his family lose everything in a house fire, he will have to rediscover his faith and the truly important things in life before he loses the people he has left.

2. Hearts of Hanukkah by Eve Paludan

Hearts of Hanukkah- book cover
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A touching tale of a reuniting love after a seventy-four-year separation, Hearts of Hanukkah won’t leave you dry-eyed. A love born and torn apart during a war, Moshe, asks his grandson for a Mitzvah that throws the family’s Hanukkah plans askew. With time running out, will Benjamin and Moshe’s journey to his long-lost love Sarah in time? A love story spanning seven decades, a terrifying war, and separation, is Benjamin up to the task of writing his grandfather’s love story? Join Benjamin and Moshe on their journey as they rediscover forgiveness, the struggle to right wrongs, and a love story that transcended time and war.

3. Twelve Days of Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Twelve Days of Christmas- book cover
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Debbie Macomber’s heartwarming love story is between the neighborhood grinch and his bubbly neighbor whose determined to chip away at his icy demeanor. As Julia chips away at Cain’s icy exterior with her kindness, her blog about herself and Cain becomes an internet sensation. Will her blog ruin the love blossoming between these two? Or will these two find their Christmas miracle?

4. The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox

The Holiday Swap- book cover
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Who doesn’t love a book about food and romance? Twin sisters Charlie and Cass are both in the food industry. One is a chef and a judge at a cooking show, while the other is running the family bakery. These two decide to switch places, in The Holiday Swap. Charlie endures a head injury that results in a loss of taste and smell, putting her career on the line. Will her sister Cass be able to save Charlie’s job by taking her place? Will they find the loves of their lives while living as the other, or will this sister swap ruin their chance for a happily ever after? Escape in this Christmas tale of food, romance, and sisterly love.

5. Hanukkah Hearts by Jean C. Joachim

Hanukkah Hearts- book cover
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Escape into a tale of a secret admirer and the hope they bring during a time of great pain. Despite following her dreams into an entry-level position in the successful Homes and Ralph Publishing house, Becky isn’t allowed to travel home for Hanukkah because it isn’t a recognized holiday. The forced separation already weighing on her, is made worse by her mother’s sudden admission to the hospital. But is there hope, light, and love to be found in New York for Becky? You’ll have to read Hanukkah Hearts to find out.

6. Christmas on Dragonback Moutain by Kimberly Forrest

Christmas on Dragonback Moutain- book cover
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Searching for something more paranormal to escape into, then this is the novel for you. It celebrates the holiday season with a little romance but also dragons! Like who doesn’t love a good dragon shifter novel, romantic or not? Christmas on Dragonback Moutain will captivate you this holiday season.

Balaur is a dragon shifter that only appreciates the holidays because of the profit he makes from the celebrations, even if he doesn’t celebrate them himself. Kayla is determined to change that and show Balaur the spirit of Christmas.

7. A Witch for Mr. Holiday by Deanna Chase

A Witch for Mr. Holiday- book cover
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Deanna Chase has written a captivating romance celebrating the true spirit of the holiday and trusting in what you cannot see in this witchy Christmas tale. Fall into the spirit of the holiday as you follow the powerful spirit witch, Holly, on her romantic journey with Mr. Holiday. And discover whether or not Holly will learn that sometimes taking a leap of faith into the unknown is exactly what life needed.

8. Christmas Magic by Alexandra Moody

Christmas Magic- book cover
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Dive into the mystery of Clio’s magic and why she wants to keep it hidden from other supernatural in Alexandra Moody’s novel, Christmas Magic. The only problem with keeping secrets is that, eventually, they are forced into the light. Will Clio’s secrets about her magic be discovered by the dashing reindeer shifter, Dash? Or will she successfully manage to keep them hidden while hunting a group of murderous dark elves? You’ll have to escape into Christmas Magic to find out.

9. Shine a Light by Rebecca Crowley

 Shine a Light- book cover
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When Ellie is forced back to her hometown after her apartment goes up in flames, she is convinced to reconnect with her roots. But will she live up to her mother’s legacy as director of the Hanukkah play? And will the firefighter next door, impress and reconnect with his Rabbi father? If you’re looking for an escape from some curious relatives, join these two on their spiritual and romantic journey for a little quiet time of your own.

10. Home for the Howliday by Cassie Leigh

Home for the Howliday- book cover
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If you’re looking for a holiday shifter romance to dive into this season, join Gunner as he tries to win back the love of his life before someone else does. Ten years ago, Gunner walked away from the pack and the woman he loved, but now that he’s back and desperate to claim witch shifter Noelle, someone else is getting in the way. Will these two find their holiday miracle, or will they be torn apart forever?

11. Christmas Moon by J.R. Rain

Christmas Moon- book cover
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Escape into the vampiric life of Samantha Moon as she searches for a family heirloom to claim her half as payment while juggling the holidays as a wife, mother, and investigator. Discover the identity of the mystery man that knows Samantha’s secrets as you dive into Rain’s Christmas tale. Is this man the one that turned Samantha? Or is it a witness to her turning? How does he know her secrets, and what does he intend to do with them? Flee your nosey relatives with Christmas Moon, even if it’s only a temporary retreat. 

12. Christmas with Her Chupacabra by C.D. Gorri

Christmas with Her Chupacabra- book cover
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For an unusual shifter romance, retreat into Christmas with her Chupacabra. Join Jonathan as he searches for his mate this Christmas to ease his inner Chupacabra and Minna as she searches for the unknown. Will these two find the real meaning of Christmas? Or will their differences keep them apart? 

Whether you’re looking for something contemporary, or paranormal, this season, escape your curious relatives and find comfort in one of our twelve-holiday romance novels. For more holiday recommendations or bookish gift ideas click here.