5 Poetry Collections For Your Thanksgiving Festivities

Want to read something after enjoying your Thanksgiving? A little awkward with your relatives you aren’t that close to? World Hello Day gives you 5 poetry collections.

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Poetry is a small collection of powerful words that you can bring to any occasion. Why not Thanksgiving? To celebrate World Hello Day, say hello to these 5 poetry collections that you can begin to read while digesting your turkey dinner. Communication and preserving peace are what this day is about, and poetry is a beautiful way to express it.

1. If They Come For Us by Fatimah Asghar


This poetry collection shares personal experiences of different racial backgrounds. It’s powerful, and it grapples with coming of age, becoming a woman, sexuality discoveries, and how to show compassion and vulnerability. The author uses her personal experiences as a Pakistan Muslim. The marginalized moments and how it has affected her relationships with her family. She uses experimental forms for her poems that are lyrical and brash. And if you feel particularly out of place, or have a similar experience to the author, this is a perfect collection to get lost in this Thanksgiving.

2. Wild Embers by Nikita Gill


Wild Embers is perfect for anyone feeling not in control or self-confident this holiday season. Fire and rebellion are captured beautifully in this collection. The goal is to make you feel at home in your skin and embrace your uniqueness. This poetry features fairytales, heroines, and goddesses of wisdom and shows off personal growth empowerment. You may be enjoying the holidays, but sometimes it’s great to read inspiring words to help you go forward.

3. Autumn by Wynstones Press


This is perfect for young ones who want to dabble in poetry reading. This collection contains poems, songs, and stories. It’s a part of a seasonal collection, and the covers are visually calming and give you a breath of fresh air. Want some cozy autumn words to warm you up, this is a simple collection good to read to children or have a gander at the simple rhymes themselves.

4. Thanku Poems of Gratitude by Miranda Paul


A poetic anthology of ways to be grateful. From many diverse contributors, including Cynthia Leitich Smith, Naomi Shihab Nye, Charles Waters, Jane Yolen, and more. We all have experiences, individuals, and moments we want to remember and be grateful for. Partake in this grateful mood by taking this to your Thanksgiving feast.

5. No Matter the Wreckage by Sarah Kay


Thanksgiving is about family, and this poetry collection captures that. This is a memoir-like collection that features a decade of the author’s career stories. It celebrates family, love, travel history, and love affairs between inanimate objects (you can figure out if this is literal or metaphorical). It shows honesty, and what better read to help you be honest with yourself and reflect on what’s in your mind?

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